Jessa Herbal Beauty Soap (Bicol)

     It was September 2013 when my father suffered a major stroke. As the family was coping, my good friend Kevin sent some herbal medicines for my dad along with some bars of a certain herbal beauty soap. That’s how I was introduced to Jessa, an all natural carrot-papaya herbal beauty soap manufactured by REJANE Marketing and exclusively distributed in Luzon and Visayas by Living Way Projects Mercantile Corporation. More than a year later, when things are starting to be normal for my family, I inquired about the soap and have learned from Kevin that there’s more to Jessa than meets the eye.

Thanks Marflin for sharing your Jessa Herbal Beauty Soap experience with us. ☺


     First, let me tell you how Jessa is not just a beauty soap but also a health soap that’s good for the entire family. Here's the official content of our flyer:

     I’ve used Jessa briefly on November 2013 (consumed about 3 bars), stopped because I don’t know where to buy it, and resumed December 2014 when Jessa was made available here in Bicol. Since then, I’ve seen the big difference on my health and well-being. I’ve stopped using antibacterial soap altogether and have relied on Jessa Herbal Beauty Soap entirely. People say that I have nicer skin than before. At one time, someone pinched my cheek to check if I have make-up on. LOL! Everyone in the family now uses Jessa Herbal Beauty Soap. If you are from Legazpi or Albay, text me at 09204518343 to find out how you can get your free sample.

People Behind Jessa…

     Jessa’s distributor, Living Way Projects Mercantile Corporation (LWPMC), is an offshoot of the church-based cooperative Living Way Projects Multi-purpose Cooperative which started in 2005 until it became a corporation in 2011. With church parishioners as members and a set of board of directors headed by Kevin's Dad, Living Way continued and expanded its business in order to finance church missions, scholarship grants, charity programs, as well as provide employment opportunities for their members. Instead of asking money from people, the church (through LWPMC) generates income to fund various charity works such as improvement of traffic condition in Bacolod, sending scholars to college, providing assistance to calamity victims, and rehabilitation of inmates in the Correctional Institute for Women (through worship and livelihood programs), among others. Interesting to note that Living Way don’t limit their charity endeavors inside their church, their public service extends to the community. Even the selection of the product in their whole-selling and retailing business is a consideration; they choose those that are safe, natural, and can help people avoid sickness and diseases, such as Jessa Herbal Beauty Soap.

     People from Living Way are such nice folks and I have been a recipient of their kindness and friendship. That's the reason why I want people in Bicol to get to know Jessa and experience what I have experienced. Not only is the product effective, but it’s also comforting to know that whenever someone buys a bar of Jessa Herbal Beauty Soap, a helping hand is extended to someone who needs it. Jessa works as good or even better than the leading more expensive brands at a really reasonable price -- and then you get to help others by buying it. Truly awesome. ☺

Where to Get Jessa in Bicol…

Initially, Jessa Herbal Beauty Soap is available at these locations:

LEGAZPI (Main outlet):
Lower 3rd level, A. Bichara Silverscreens Entertainment Center,
Magallanes Corner T. Alonso St., Oro Site, Legazpi City
With Ninang Odelyn Dado, admin at A. Bichara. Thanks Ninang and Tita Aida
 for your kindness and generosity!

DARAGA (Main outlet):
JAEKY Med Pharmaceuticals
Rizal Street, Daraga, Albay
(Beside PNB Daraga)

EuroCare Saver Pharma Co.
Daraga Public Market
Rizal Street, Daraga, Albay
(Near Daraga overpass)

ALBAY (Main outlet):
Bicol ULTRA Drug Store
Old Albay, Legazpi City
(Near Albay Cathedral)

iBeauty Shop
Sagpon, Albay
(the pink shop beside De Vera Institute)

J.S. Moral Store
Camalig, Daraga, Albay
(In front of Let's Pinangat)

c/o Ms. Carmela Lola (Ms. Lala)
*For other location in Guinobatan and Ligao, please contact Ms. Lala

Ground Floor JJ Building,
Herrera St., Quinale, Tabaco City

Lorejo Store
Esperanza, Pilar, Sorsogon
(In front of police station)

Sam Maraña Store
Cumadcad, Castilla, Sorsogon

     Jessa Herbal Beauty Soap will soon be available in  other areas in Bicol. For inquiries, text me at 0920 451 8343.

     We also have ads running at Barangay 96.3 so Jessa can reach more people. Our ads are testimonials from users who have experienced and have proven for themselves the many benefits of Jessa Herbal Beauty Soap.

(L-R): The blogger (that's me!), Mama LJ (DJ at Barangay 96.3 Legazpi), and my brother Jeb.

     That's all for now, thank you guys for reading! Visit my blog soon again for more Jessa updates. If you've got something to share, talk to me on the comments' section below. ☺


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