Jessa Herbal Beauty Soap (Bicol)

     It was September 2013 when my father suffered a major stroke. As the family was coping, my good friend Kevin sent some herbal medicines for my dad along with some bars of a certain herbal beauty soap. That’s how I was introduced to Jessa, an all natural carrot-papaya herbal beauty soap manufactured by REJANE Marketing and exclusively distributed in Luzon and Visayas by Living Way Projects Mercantile Corporation. More than a year later, when things are starting to be normal for my family, I inquired about the soap and have learned from Kevin that there’s more to Jessa than meets the eye.

Thanks Marflin for sharing your Jessa Herbal Beauty Soap experience with us. ☺


     First, let me tell you how Jessa is not just a beauty soap but also a health soap that’s good for the entire family. Here's the official content of our flyer:

Zip Line Adventure at Embarcadero

     Hey guys, what's up?! I updated this blog 6 months ago? Whattt?

     Anyways, two weekends back, my friend Kevin and I tried Embarcadero de Legazpi's Zipline adventure and guess what? IT. WAS. AWESOME. There are other zipline facilities in Albay but what makes this one unique is the water below the zip-line making it a bit more challenging. The 350-meter Embarcader zipline begins from the lighthouse of Embarcadero Mall (30 meters above ground) and descends down the breakwater across Legazpi Port basin. The water will make you a bit apprehensive but when you're down the cable to get to the other side, there's nothing but at least 55 seconds of amazing Mayon Volcano view and a cool new perspective of the city of Legazpi. It's quite fortunate that I was able to capture the whole thing on video. Watch:

     We wanted to do more but there's just so little time. We'll also try the zip-line at Lignon Hill, heard that one's quite good too. Anyway, sorry the vid's a bit jerky 'cause I was too excited. Thanks Kev for editing the vid and making it a bit more bearable to watch.

     Some photos:

#OOTD Update

     It's fun to have a blog that nobody reads. I know this for a fact because my recent posts have very few pageviews -- and if they do have pageviews, most of them are mine, hah! Now I can write about anything and not be embarrassed at all. And since nobody reads my blog anymore, no fear posting some more of my photos now. ☺

     I've been busy with stuff and one of the things I do to avoid burn out is eat out with family. But with my dad's stroke last year, even dining out has lessened because now we're being careful of what we eat. Anyway, because I've become less occupied,  I've decided to visit restaurants in Legazpi City and the province of Albay (maybe in the future, Albay's neighboring places too) and feature them on my The Pinoy Wanderer blog. This is my way of helping out create awareness on the culinary destinations in my region. I ask recommendations from friends and see for myself if the restaurant deserves a spot on the list that I'm creating. At the moment, I'm starting to put up this list of worth-recommending restaurants in Legazpi City that offer eat-all-you-can dining option because buffets are the best way to indulge in food. How is that related with this blog? Simple, I'm no fashion icon but I will update you guys with how I look every time I go out on food trips. Oops, I meant to say, I will update myself (since nobody reads my blog anymore), haha! We can learn from each other, even from the mistakes we've committed, style included.

     With my brother in tow, we've already visited two restaurants in Legazpi City. If last year I was a bit fond of formal shirts (I pair it with jeans for a casual, care-free look), now I've returned to comfortable cotton tees, probably because of the weather. Here's what I had on when we visited Mr. Crab & Seafood Diner approximately 12 days ago. Click this LINK to read my review of that buffet experience at Mr. Crab.

Shirt by Hollister, vintage pants by Levi's, and shoes by New Balance.

     Then 6 days ago, my brother and I tried out Cosina de' Marina's buffet. Follow this LINK to read my review of our buffet experience at Cosina de' Marina.  And yep, here's a photo of me that day.

White shirt by Gap, polo shirt by H&M, pants by H&M, and my favorite shoes right now by New Balance.
     There you go, I'm done updating myself. If you happen to drop by this blog and you're not ME, I'm grateful. LOL! Have a great day!

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