Mitch: the chic entrepreneur

     One boring night last summer, I decided to create my first ever twitter account.  As I was getting the hang of using twitter and was following celebrities left and right, I searched for twits with 'Bicol' in it.  I am from Bicol (a region in the Philippines) and I would like to have twitter friends coming from the place where I grew up.  That's how I found this lady who, at that particular time, twitted about her trip somewhere in Bicol.  I followed her and she followed me back.  After a few months, though not regularly, she and I have been twitting.  I'm really glad that I have gotten to know her a little better...

Nick Name:     MITCHI/MITCH

     Mitch, unfortunately, is not from Bicol though she told me she know some people from my region because of their business.  She is from Laguna and though wanted to take up a management course, ended up finishing a computer-related degree.  After college, she pursued a short class in fashion at Cora Doloroso Career Centre in Makati, Philippines.  Then just last year, she took up another fashion course at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines (FIP).

When animals teach US how it is to be HUMANS...

     Before I feature another friend, I'd like to write a post about my two dogs: Yesha and Yassu -- and tell you guys how the two of them taught me to become a better version of myself.

     Don't worry, Show Me Your Look Today is still about looks...  After-all, I think I look real nicey when I parade my dogs around. ☺

A little Background

     I've had several dogs in my childhood, and one even bit me while we were playing.   I got bitten by another dog while I was in Nabua when I accompanied my college friends for their summer classes... and I definitely remember being chased by two Dobermans at Imperial Ridgeview while my classmate Nukie and I were in search for a sari-sari* store in the subdivision.  But that never discouraged me from owning a dog again.

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