Happy Blog Anniversary Show Me Your Look Today!

     Hi!  Today is my blog's SECOND BIRTHDAY.

     I still remember my first post published exactly two years ago from today -- and how it's been such a ride since then.  My brother's initial concept for this blog was to feature friends, showcase their style, and to make more friends as a consequence.  Over time, the blog's vision has taken several new directions but it was, nonetheless, a journey that's been both educational and adventurous.  And during the blog's quest for new territories, sometimes ideas would just pour in  -- other times it would be scarce like the desert.  But even the desert hold possibilities and treasures that one can see if they would just really look.  And so, the journey treads on...

     I owe all of YOU guys a huge "THANK YOU."  The reason why this blog has made it this far is because of friends (like you) who were nice enough to visit, read my posts, leave comments and even share my links on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.  Thank you for your continued support and friendship.  Let's keep that going, shall we?

Show Me Your Look Today's NEW LOOK

      Hey guys, what's up?

     Finally, after three days of HTML coding, arranging layout, fixing borders, and reading and implementing codes I don't even understand -- my blog renovation is DONE!  Yeah, nothing extraordinary -- but as simple as how the blog looks now, I want you to know that I kinda toiled for all that you see on here.  Those little borders around photos with the slightest bit of a shadow, those are a few lines of code.  That semi-transparent part of the blog which allows you to see the blog background, that's another few lines of code.  The dashes on the post title, a few additional lines still.  Categories on the left side for easy accessing of previous posts, that's the result of reading tutorials over the Internet for almost a day.  Whew!  HARD WORK my friend!  And I don't even know how I did all them, putting codes where they needed to be.

Show Me Your Look Today's NEW LOOK

     Anyway, I originally used the Simple Template and just made tons of modification.  I initially liked the white and gray scheme -- then worked my way from there.  And being the neat freak that I am, I also made sure that stuff are where they're supposed to be -- nothing too small or too big for the space where they're at, if I can help it.  Hah!  And yeah, feels good after seeing the outcome.  I just want my readers to find what they need at a glance.  In short, I want my blog to be organized and user friendly.  Ehrr, that is, if I have readers who do bother to read what I post in here.  LOL!

     There are a few ideas that didn't work though.  If you see that guy's picture on the right side of the page (that's me by the way, so please -- no hating, haha).  That's supposed to look like this:

Show Me Your Look Today is UNDER RENOVATION

         Hey loyal friends and readers! 

     Show Me Your Look Today will be undergoing some renovation over the weekend and so -- don't be shocked if you see a misplaced blog gadget, a missing post or a crooked layout.  Hopefully, I make up my mind on what template to use and that the changes I put in won't affect the overall content so much.  I'm kinda worried how it will affect the layout of my previous posts.

     Why you might ask?  Well, the old theme bored me a bit and my brother suggested that I need to change the look because this blog is turning two years old.  Can you believe that? Two years old, wow!  Yeah, that's two fingers on the hand my friend -- and the blog lasted that long because of YOU.  So -- THANK YOU!

     Hope you guys will visit the site when I'm finished with the changes and whatnot.  See you on my next post!

What Is An Online Survey?

     Brands, businesses, and organizations care about how their clients feel and what they think of their products and services.  And one effective and cost-friendly way to get the feedback that they want is through online surveys.

What is an online survey?

What Is An Online Survey?

     An ONLINE SURVEY is a data collection method where the questionnaire reaches the target audience through the world wide web.  Online surveys are usually presented as web forms[1] and responses are stored in a database which utilizes a statistical software (also known as enterprise feedback management) to provide analytics and interpretation to the administrator of the online survey.

Why Do They Care For Our Opinion?

All About Health, Fitness and Weight Loss

     Health and fitness is a recurring struggle for many of us and at times, it is also a major frustration.  What we need to understand, before engaging in a full-time health and fitness plan, is that there are no short term solutions.  And to succeed, we need to focus, be committed, and stay motivated -- and we need to keep all those in check even after we've reached our goals so we can enjoy being healthy and fit permanently.  

Hollywood secret for weight loss

     Getting the body we want is a tough task (I think this is an understatement).  But to put it simply, the keys to getting that hot bod we always wanted are just these two:

A.  Decide to eat right and healthy

     Eating right means feeding ourselves with the required nutrients so we accomplish the day's tasks as well as fuel ourselves to do exercises.  Eating right further means getting rid of food that our body don't need such as sodas and junk food.  Specially if we have weight issues, we should not eat more than what our body needs for the day and more importantly, we should incorporate food in our diet that has nutrients which can help us with our weight loss goals.  Some of Hollywood's weight loss success is attributed to some dieting programs that's been proven to produce results.

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