The 'Scentsy' Story

     I still have hangover from watching Game of Thrones Season 1 last weekend (in fact I still dream about it sometimes, LOL!) when I saw this really cool thing the other day.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

The Shale Scentsy Warmer

A little background:  This cool thing is one of the many stylish warmer designs from Scentsy, and is the safer alternative to burning scented candles or heating up scented oils.  The really nice thing about these products is that they use a low-watt bulb to slowly melt specially formulated wax (called Scentsy bar or Scentsy brick) to gradually release fragrance into the air.  Because the wax is gently warmed and not burned, it can hold more fragrance oil than traditional candles.  Better, safer and there are over 80 distinct Scentsy scents you can choose from to suit your mood, your home or the occasion.

How To Be A GEEK Chic

     Gone were the days when being a geek is a major bummer.  Now, it is a fashion alternative for some of us wanting to have an edgy and unique look.  Being a nerd isn't boring anymore, it has become cool!

Wasn't Superman a geek chic too?
     The family have been spotted sporting this look at one point or another.  Go check...

(L-R) Jeb, Hannah and myself.  GEEKS!
      So, just what do you need to become a sleek geek?

Have FUN and Get PAID To Blog!

     I became a blogger by accident.  Blogging was my brother's idea and I was just helping him put up a blog last year when the unbelievably crazy thing happened.  I became a BLOGGER!  Before I knew it, I was already putting up Show Me Your Look Today and was having so much fun writing about my own adventures.

      I initially tried to limit the blog to just showing off personal style, after-all, I mainly post photos of myself and my friends.  When I featured two of my closest friends two months after the blog has started and wrote about my insights on friendship, people noticed my writing and encouraged me to write even more.  And so, that's how this blog has evolved into what it is right NOW -- a fashion blog with character.  I am quite aware that blogging is a bit of a responsibility, that's why I make it my guiding principle to always write with honesty and sincerity for who knows whose lives I'm touching with my words. 

Published September 5, 2010 and my 11th post.  I talked about friendship and the
standards we defy to make friendship work.

     That being said, I can say that blogging is definitely one of the most rewarding hobbies to spend your spare time on.  It has even become a lifestyle for many and I know a few who has become rich (and famous) for just doing what they love doing -- and that is, to BLOG.  At this point, I wanna share something that I recently discovered.  Do you know that you can earn from blogging?  This is just one of the many merits of blogging:  you get to do what you like and be rewarded for doing it.  So, if you are blogger like me, I introduce you to Bucks2Blog.  Just what is it that you need to do so you can get paid to blog?  Here:

Visit my Other Blog!

      Hey guys, I have another blog!  

     Show Me Your Look Today is somehow a fashion blog where I write about myself and people who are dear to me.  Although I do not limit the range of ideas that I can write about in this blog, I just feel that I need to put up another blog where I can share with you, my dear friends, everything there is about this life.  And so, last September 16, I've finished version 1 of my second blog. I call it:

 The Pinoy Wanderer "The five senses and everything in between."

     It is still under construction, ideas are still coming in.  I hope you guys can support it, the same way you've supported Show Me Your Look Today.

     Do visit it and you may do any or all of the following:
  • Leave a comment.
  • Suggest topics or just share your insights
  • Bookmark it (press CTRL+D)
  • Follow it.  You may use any account that's applicable: Google, Twitter, Yahoo or any account that's allowed.☺
  • Visit it again. 

     Please?  Haha!  Thanks!

     See ya on my next post.

More of Marie, the CHIC girl

     Do you remember this girl?  Show Me Your Look Today featured her a year ago when this blog was just starting.  And now -- she's back!

     Yesterday, despite everyone's busy schedule, we had the chance to catch up on things.

     After her business with POEA, Marie went to visit her dentist in Makati before seeing us.  We arranged to meet somewhere in the middle, so we waited for her at Starbucks in Shangrila Mall, Edsa.  Jeb was already at the mall when I arrived (he got off from work at 2pm) while Hannah was still having lunch when I left the apartment.  Hannah followed an hour later after Marie arrived.

     My usual is green tea cream but Jeb said he wanted to try it so I had choco cream instead while Marie had mocha frap.  We got cakes and some toast coz we were a bit hungry but don't really wanted to eat.

      So...  let's see what's up with Marie.

Myke's (Recent) Mis-Adventures Part 2

     Ready to be bored even more?  Show Me Your Look Today is back for the conclusion of my own mis-adventures.  Let's get it on!  ☺

Me at Dads.  Read on to find out the whole story...

     Two weeks after I got back here in Manila, one of my really nice friends, Elle, texted to see what's up.  Do you know when she last checked on me? More than a year ago!  Haha!  Good thing I did not change my mobile number.  I've been using the same Smart number since my Globe was snatched back in 2005.  Was able to revive my Globe number twice, but eventually lost it -- twice too.  My mobile number now is actually my mom's which I borrowed and it got stucked since it's the number which I seem not to lose.  Going back, we arranged to meet on her rest day which was a Sunday.

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