How To Get The Scruffy Look

     The 'unshaven' or scruffy look has been around for ages and probably one of the most frequent look that I've been sporting for many years.  Oftentimes it's because I'm too lazy to shave, but many times because I feel that having hair on my face is like having clothes on -- i look better and I feel safer. Hah!

I have been sporting the scruffy look for as long as I can remember...

     Folks, this time Show Me Your Look Today will talk about the Scruffy Look.

Who qualifies for the scruffy look?

     If you got an angular or a chiseled face, you're in.  This look is good for guys with prominent facial features -- like strong jawlines or distinct cheekbones.  However, this maybe is not meant for men with rounder faces or soft features.  And most definitely not good for those with scarce or too little facial hair.

Many celebrities have been spotted sporting this look.
Check out one of the coolest guys, David Beckham.

How to get the scruffy look?

     Just let the hair on your face grow evenly.  Keep it neat, keep it clean -- because you don't want to look dirty and itchy.  You may shave off some areas in the neck to give more definition to your jawline as well as some areas in your cheekbone.  The trick is to use the facial hair to give your face a sculpted look.  

Hugh Jackman has also been sporting the scruffy look.

How to maintain the scruffy look?

     You can use a beard trimmer or an electric shaver (with height adjustment) to trim your facial hair if it gets too long.  Or if you can indulge, go to the barber shop and let the professionals do the trimming for you.  Just remember to trim your facial hair when it gets too long or unruly or start over by shaving it all off.

     The scruffy look brings a cool contrast to a guy's overall style, with the nice clothes contrasting with the 'tough guy' appeal.  If I'm going somewhere and I plan to look scruffy, I usually shave my face 4 days before and just trim the edges on the day itself.  I don't exactly have an angular face or strong features, what I do is I use my facial hair to give that illusion.

     I'll leave you guys with one of the coolest bands that I listen to every now and then.  Adam Levine, the lead vocals of Maroon 5 is known to constantly sport the scruffy look.  He is one of the coolest guys too, a style icon for many of us.

     Hope you learned something today fellas!  Let me know how this look worked for you on the comments' section below.

     See ya on my next post! See more posts on this category: GUY STUFF

*Photos of David Beckham and Hugh Jackman were taken from Google Image search.
*Maroon 5's Misery video is taken from Youtube. 

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ilovemigzheart said...

Hmmmm am the first to comment coz i know how dat look feels.. Haha.. Am one scruffy guy tokzzz eh.. Haha.. Oh wag ng umangal kc bagay sa kin yng mga facial hairs n yan and u know very well about it coz iv told u haha.. BTW, ur more handsome than DB- the perfume haha. Nice post tokzzz ... U did it agen.. Kudos !!

Bino said...

hi! may post ka ba about oufits for guys? mukhang kailangan ko ng makeover hahaha

It's my life said...

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Alief Kurniawan said...

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Tebinfea said...

Hello dear friend.
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And plenty of sunshine.
Teb. said...

I see you put a lot of work in this site! Keep writing!

Cmte. Valter said...

Hello my friend, thank you very much for your visit, happy new day with peace & happiness. Hugs Valter.

clark lost said...

Hei, Myke!
I'm here again.
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Well... Have a nice weekend!
A hug!

Yannie said...

I agree, you look do look good with scruffy look.

Vin said...

Hello michael... good topic!!! not a lot of gys can pull of the "scruffy" look, some guys are better off having that baby smooth face. anyhoo! thanks for stopping by my blog, have a great week and happy monday!


Marco Walter said...

I like the second photo of David B.

If I will choose of your 3 photos. Ninong, I like the first one. Lol!

Michael said...

Yannie (14) - haha, thanks Yannie!
Vin (15) - thanks bro. I enjoyed your photo-blog, just so you know. ☺
Marco Walter (16) - Ninong Marco, haha! The first one is my photo, and I know you're just kidding. LOL!

Thank you guys for dropping by. You ROCK!

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clark lost said...

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Sam D. said...

Well, scruffy and clean look! well, you look great both ways. Wink wink for you here too Myke. Lol

satria's said...

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Anonymous said...

i like your blog

anNaqia said...

scruffy but macho.

Anonymous said...

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rona said...
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rona said...

Hi Myke! In fairness! You look great and exceptionally looking cool and handsome with that scruffy look. Cute ka pala talaga ha? mmm.. Hahaha!

Pa-pizza ka naman. Yan naman ang culture sa akin pag may pinuri ako ng wagas! But honestly, you really look great! More pics!

KM said...

ineeffort din nyo pala ang scruffy look na 'to. akala ko eh tipong you just let your beard grow. ganyan ;) inferla, bagay sa'yo ang scruffy look. ikaw na, ikaw na talaga, you already!

cessy0607 said...

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