Today's post is all about NICENESS...

     Niceness is one thing that we are all capable of.  We can look nice, feel nice and treat other people with niceness.  Of course this is just one adjective that I can think of.  You may want to elaborate further.  You may want to refer to it as looking fantastic or stylish; being happy or content; being generous or humble; being dependable or down to earth...  but for me, it's simply being -- NICE.

      Let me tell you about some of my recent adventures which I think were really nice...

     Resident Evil on 3D with my siblings Hannah and Jeb many many weeks back.  It was my first time to watch a movie in full lenght 3D...  

Post-Birthday Post...

     It's been weeks since my birthday but I'm still getting a few greetings here and there.  Thanks a lot for the warm birthday wishes!  Special thank you to my guest writer who wrote a truly touching article about me.  That was one birthday gift I shall never forget! 

I also wanna say thank you to my little sister Hannah for the cake!

     Uhm... what did I do last November 4?  I was still awake at 12 midnight, got some greetings from my really close friends who always remember every year to greet me the moment the clock strikes 12.   I slept for 8 hours and I started my day around 10AM.  While drying my gel, I responded to some greetings on facebook, on twitter and on here.  My parents texted me and a few friends who knows my mobile.  At 3PM I went to Pasig church to hear mass and thank the Lord for all the blessings.  When I got there, there's a funeral going on and I was wearing black -- how convenient!  So I made a quick prayer of thanks, made a U-Turn and promised myself that I will go to church on the Sunday that will follow.  I went to the mall to buy some stuff for myself...  watched 'the social network' while munching on some pizza and sipping on a monster coke float... and had some coffee at Starbucks on my way home at around midnight.

My AWESOME birthday for 2010

Yay! Happy Birthday to ME! 

     To spice things up and to divert from the usual (and to make my birthday week a bit more special), I've asked someone to write my birthday post for me.  

     So... just who is my guest writer?  She's an accomplished author, an editor-in-chief of a publication in Manila, a brilliant professor, a trusted friend, a lady and a confidante.  If you've read my posts, I might've mentioned her somewhere on here.  Here's what she has to say about ME.... 

This was my profile picture on Facebook (which she obviously abhorred) at the time she added me...

     He was a bane.  Until I got to know the real person behind the naughty profile pic then I came to realize that he was actually a boon.  Our common friend Butch Lotivio asked me to add him in facebook.  At that time, he wanted to gather all his friends so he asked me to add him in my list.  Butch must be kidding when he told me that his friend was a nice guy.  His profile pic showed otherwise.  But to do my friend a favor, I opted to add.  He did confirm days after and eventually changed his profile pic to something relatively amiable and ABSOLUTELY HANDSOME.

Nick Name:     MYKE/BONG

     There he is -- Michael Lotino Montalban to his friends in Facebook, Myke to his more familiar friends, Bong to his long-time buddies but to me, he is the Chief Justice.  (Sorry peeps, I will have to leave out the part on how he became the Chief Justice as that part seems to be the most boring part of his prominently colorful life.)

Then i changed my profile picture to this after a few days...

     I barely know CJ (Chief Justice) -- given only a couple of months of sharing a love-hate kind of friendship with him.  What I am about to reveal here is just a small portion of how I see him but not a faint proof of how much I value this man’s friendship with me.  What I am about to say may or may not be true but I bet it would be totally interesting for those who want to know your kind of guy.

Mitch: the chic entrepreneur

     One boring night last summer, I decided to create my first ever twitter account.  As I was getting the hang of using twitter and was following celebrities left and right, I searched for twits with 'Bicol' in it.  I am from Bicol (a region in the Philippines) and I would like to have twitter friends coming from the place where I grew up.  That's how I found this lady who, at that particular time, twitted about her trip somewhere in Bicol.  I followed her and she followed me back.  After a few months, though not regularly, she and I have been twitting.  I'm really glad that I have gotten to know her a little better...

Nick Name:     MITCHI/MITCH

     Mitch, unfortunately, is not from Bicol though she told me she know some people from my region because of their business.  She is from Laguna and though wanted to take up a management course, ended up finishing a computer-related degree.  After college, she pursued a short class in fashion at Cora Doloroso Career Centre in Makati, Philippines.  Then just last year, she took up another fashion course at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines (FIP).

When animals teach US how it is to be HUMANS...

     Before I feature another friend, I'd like to write a post about my two dogs: Yesha and Yassu -- and tell you guys how the two of them taught me to become a better version of myself.

     Don't worry, Show Me Your Look Today is still about looks...  After-all, I think I look real nicey when I parade my dogs around. ☺

A little Background

     I've had several dogs in my childhood, and one even bit me while we were playing.   I got bitten by another dog while I was in Nabua when I accompanied my college friends for their summer classes... and I definitely remember being chased by two Dobermans at Imperial Ridgeview while my classmate Nukie and I were in search for a sari-sari* store in the subdivision.  But that never discouraged me from owning a dog again.


     The comments my friends left on the last post somehow inspired me to put a little more writing to my entries.  As a consequence, there will be times when "Show Me Your Look Today" will discuss a little more about life's journeys.  I can't promise that I will be a perfect source of life's lessons, but I am certain that I will write with truth,  objectivity and compassion.  It will be my view of the world and our existence, my view of crossroads, of complexities and of other pressing issues -- Hopefully you might find something in it that will inspire you to make better choices, not just with clothes and stuff, but about other things that matter too. 

Looking Back and Ahead...

     Today, I wanna take a step back and look at things.  Sometimes when we feel overwhelmed, we can always stop and view what's happening in an entirely different perspective.  It's sometimes fun to halt for a while when things are moving in such speed and reflect on the past events that brought us where we are now. 

A piece of my thoughts...

        It was a Sunday of talk, books, pizza, tutti frutti and interesting ideas...

     I don't like arguments.  I get along better with people who's got the same interests and opinion as me.  Contrary to what they say about opposites attract, I find it easier if I'm in the company of people whose ideas and interests are the same as mine.  If I needed to defend them, it would be easy because our thoughts and reasoning will be the same.  If I needed to suggest stuff, it would be easy too because it's what I'd do myself if I were on his/her toes.  If we need to hang out, it'll be fun because we've got the same likes or dislikes...

     But reality tells us that not everyone we meet will agree with us all the time.  That's OK.  This world is big enough for people to co-exist with one another.  And as long as no-one's crossing the boundary of etiquette, religion and issues on morality, we can go on co-existing peacefully.  

Movie Weekend with Hannah and Jeb

      Hey hey hey!  I hope everybody had a grand weekend! ☺

     Show Me Your Look Today will be featuring AJ this week but he just got back from his Palawan vacation and there will be new photos.  I might update his pictures before I post them.   Anyway, here are some shots from my movie weekend with Hannah and Jeb.

     That's me inside the mall while waiting for Hannah.   (She's queuing at a loading station.  She ran out of load and needed to text a friend).  Hannah got home from work around 2PM and we got to the nearest mall around 3PM.

Hannah: the "Crush ng Bayan"

     I was thinking who to feature next for Show Me Your Look Today and yesterday at dinner, it just struck me.  I need not look far -- my next subject is staring right at my face.  No it's not me you fool, it's my little sister -- Hannah.  ☺


     Although I've featured Hannah last July when she celebrated her birthday, I feel that it was not enough to show my readers her style.  

     Here's some more photos of Hannah...

     She can wear almost anything and look good in them.  I bet she can even wear your grandmother's clothes and she'd still look fine.☻

James: the boy-next-door

     Whoah, I can't believe "Show Me Your Look Today" is on it's 7th entry now...  Thanks a bunch to those who've visited and came back.  Today, let's meet yet another one of my good friends...

Stage Name:     JAMES MENDOZA

     James and I were on the same wave at a call center a few years back.  After we left the company, we still kept in touch along with our other nice friends through friendster and facebook.

     He is an AB Philosophy graduate from San Beda College and now pursuing his Masters in Business Administration.  James got into modeling since 2008, and got into TV, stage and film acting since 2009. 

Marie: chic girl

     Finally, I was able to convince her to say YES... and to send me pictures for Show Me Your Look Today

Nick Name:      MARIE/JHO

     Marie works for the fashion industry and was connected with clothing companies like Cinderella, Guess, Freego, and recently, f'g (freshgear) in the past.  Her job gives her the opportunity to 'rub elbows' with local celebs in the Philippines during photo shoots, fittings or fashion weeks.

     Here are some photos of Marie, in action...

     Here she is appearing at ABS-CBN's Umagang Kay Ganda early morning show sometime last year...

More of ME

       Hello again folks!

     I'm so grateful to the nice people who've viewed my blog.  SPECIAL THANK YOU to those who were nicer enough to leave their comments.  This blog is just starting and it needs all the support it can get.  Comments, suggestions, criticisms, and of course praises, ALL are welcome.  (Yeah, praises are needed too to motivate,☺).  As you know, this blog will not be entirely about me -- this blog site will be about the people who are assertive enough to show the world their sense of style.

     (By the way, just click on the pictures to view them in their original sizes).

    I will post some more pictures of myself because I was told by a good friend that I need to encourage participation.  Heck, I'm just a normal guy.  I put clothes on maybe to impress -- but more importantly, i put them on because I appreciate myself better if I look great in them.  And they are quite functional as well.  (Thankfully, there are people who appreciate me for who I am, despite and in-spite of what clothes I have on).

Naya's Story

     Hello everyone!  Today i will feature my friend NAYA -- one of the few nice people I've met on twitter.  Naya is from Indonesia.

Nick name:      NAYA

     From our conversations on twitter, we've gotten to know each other a little better.  As a kid, she loved Japanese cartoons like Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon.  It inspired her to learn more about Japan, its culture and fashion.  She even chose to study the Japanese language in her literature class and says she enjoys it immensely.  Naya hopes to graduate soon.  (Goodluck Naya!)

     She said on her email:  "I think Japanese language is not that difficult and not that easy too, but if you seriously wanna learn it, they are always there to help you.  I wanna learn about their culture, and I like their music and fashion."

     Her friends call her Tayou (her Japanese name) because when she was little, she wrote Kotayou Miyami instead of Kotarou Minami (from Kamen Rider Black).  The name got stucked through the years...

Jeb's Birthday

     My brother Jeb celebrated his birthday a week ago and we thought it would be a good idea to pig out on the eat all you can buffet at Dad's.  Afterwards, we agreed it would be awesome to either go bowling or watch a movie.  We were full and we'd like to sit down so we opted for the movie instead.

     We had a hard time choosing between Toy Story and Inception.  We kinda liked Sorcerer's Apprentice too.  In the end, we watched Karate Kid since nobody wanted to give up his/her choice.  We were hungry again after the brain draining discussion about which movie to watch -- so we indulged ourselves with coke floats and fries.  LOL!  We just agreed to have a movie marathon on the next free weekend...  And we're gonna watch all three of them and maybe some more... whew!

     Here are some shots taken at the mall and inside the movie house...

     That's me. I like wearing comfy shorts and some nice shirt...  I'm actually just wearing slippers that day. Please don't mind the goatee, I shave once a week and let it grow evenly on my face on areas where I want them... except that week, i got so busy that I hadn't had the time to take care of stuff...

Hannah's Birthday

     I share an apartment with my bro Jeb and our little sister Hannah.... We all work far from home so we needed a place that's both comfortable and convenient for all of us. We are young professionals so as much as possible, we need to be smart asses about our expenses.

     We hang out if we have spare time or if our days off work are the same. We go watch movies that people are recently raving about, or have our favorite fraps (mine's java chips) at Starbucks or  indulge ourselves in those yummy pizza and pasta at Yellow Cab or Sbarro -- pizza time would be my favorite activity.

     We went out last week and watched Eclipse, it was also Hannah's birthday movie treat... It's been something we've been meaning to do and it was long overdue.  (Did i just rhyme on that last line? ☺)

     I did not enjoy the movie much... but i tried really hard to like it!

     Anyway, here are some pictures taken that day...

She's trying to decide which team she'll side on...


     FINALLY, today (Monday, July 26, 2010) i have launched my blog site...

     I feel that I have so much to say, but whenever i start typing... my mind just goes blank. Does that happen to you too? Tell me about it, yaix... ☺

     Anyway, my friends and I have been reading blogs that tell stuff about fashion and how to look good -- and at times, that's where we get our ideas on how we polish up ourselves on days that we feel like getting up and just wanting to look awesome.

     It doesn't matter where you come from -- the desire and the passion to look nice for yourself or for others is such a universal idea. So -- although this might seem like trying to jump in to the band wagon but -- honestly -- because I've been inspired by people (how ordinary and extra-ordinary they may be) I'd like to start my own blog site too!

     From today and onwards, I'll be posting pictures of myself and my friends on how we look that particular day -- and maybe a little story on how our day went. I believe that sometimes our moods and behavior are affected by how we look and, believe it or not, I think I'm nicest at times when i feel I just look so fly.

     I will try to post as often as I could -- but of course there will be busy days because of work and other stuff... so maybe, you'll miss me on those days. I hope you will, LOL.

     So, to formally start this blog I wanna introduce myself.  HELLO... this is ME. Pleasure to meet YOU. Thanks for reading my first ever blog (still can't believe I've written an entire paragraph! wheww!). Hope you will visit this blog more often as I post more pictures of me and my friends, and I write about my thoughts and ideas,tell you of my adventures -- and if you are feeling fly yourself, you can send me your pictures too so we can show the world how you looked like today.

This is my email:
and please follow me on twitter

     Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section below and let me know what you think.  My contact details are on the right side of the screen.  Hope to hear from you soon!
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