Jessica Sanchez, MY American Idol

     I was thinking of stuff to write about this sixteen year old girl from San Diego, California -- yet I'm at a loss for words to describe how talented she is.  I'm listening to her video in the background as I type and all I can say is -- this girl can really sing! (Sorry, needed to borrow this line from Randy Jackson).  While enjoying her music, I turned to Wikipedia for some quick facts about Jessica Sanchez.
Name:  Jessica Elizabeth Sanchez
Birthday:  August 4, 1995
Dad:  Gilbert Sanchez, Mexican-American from Texas
Mom:  Editha Bugay Sanchez, Filipino from Bataan, Philippines

The Official New 7 Wonders of Nature

     Folks, it's OFFICIAL!  After being announced last November 11, 2011 as one of the Provisional New 7 Wonders of Nature, Puerto Princesa Underground River is now confirmed and verified as one of the world's New 7 Wonders of Nature.  Yeah, a little out of my blog's theme but I remember mentioning Puerto Princesa Underground River when I wrote about Jeb's trip to Palawan last year -- and now, I just wanna share with you guys this absolutely wonderful news.

On picture:  President Benigno S. Aquino III receiving the plaque from
Dr. Bernard Weber recognizing Puerto Princesa Underground River as
one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.
     The Puerto Princesa Underground River is considered to be the world's longest navigable underground river which winds through a cave before opening up to the South China Sea.  And yesterday, April 21, 2011, this amazing work of nature was inaugurated as one of the world's New 7 Wonders of Nature (N7WN) at the One Esplanade, Open Grounds, Pasay City with the presence of the N7WN President and Founder Dr. Bernard Weber and the President of the Philippines Benigno Simeon Aquino III.  Also present during the inauguration was Puerto Princesa City Mayor Edward Hagedorn, Task Force PPUR Chairman and Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo, Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Secretary Herminio Coloma, Jr. and Manila City Mayor Alfredo Lim, among others.

7 Steps To A Great Shave

     Hey guys, what's up?  Enjoying your summer?  Don't forget to read my previous post so you can make the most out of the hottest yet coolest time of the year.  Anyway, I'm back yet again for another article that's dedicated to all my awesome male readers.

     Shaving is a common ritual for many guys.  Let's face it, we shave our facial hair whenever we wanna look exceptionally nice.  Though I look wayyy better with my facial hair on, I still shave my face to start over with my scruffy look or if I wanted to look extra neat and fresh for some special occasion.

     With a trusted razor and a steady hand, most men definitely know how to shave like we know the back of our hand.  What I'm here for, however, is to give additional pointers so we can achieve that perfect shave every time.

5 Ways To Beat The Summer Heat

     It's summer! -- and to those who love the sun and the beach, here's a short list of summer essentials to keep your cool under the warm sunny weather.


     The exceptionally hotter sun needs to be shut out so use sunblock and reapply as needed to keep your skin protected.   Reapplying sunblock should be done every hour or two because it could be washed off by sweat, water, or whatever activity you're engaged in.  A thing of note about skin care:  even if it's not summer, the skin needs protection from the sun as UV rays can damage the skin causing darkening and premature aging.

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