Home Remedies For Common Face Problems

     Hey guys, how are you all doing today?

     They say to overcome our problems we must face them, but as goes the joke -- what if the problem is our face?  Getting a new face is quite expensive -- so that's not really an alternative for me.  Lol!  Anyway, here are some skin treatments I learned from the Internet (and from an old issue of metro him magazine) to relieve some of the most common face problems using stuff we already have at home.

For Deep Cleansing

     Steaming the face is a great way to flush out toxins from the skin while hydrating and promoting skin turnover.  Steaming cleanses the skin of dirt that's deeply embedded in the pores thus a big help to prevent acne, pimples and blackheads.  However, this is not advisable for those with severe acne as this can trigger more acne breakout -- better consult with your dermatologist first.  But for those with mild acne cases, steaming your face can help clear up your skin.

The Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape (For Men)

     Judging a book by its cover is simply not cool but nobody can deny the truth that looking good or presentable DOES affect other people's perception of who you are.  They won't exactly know your thoughts, your ideas, what you've accomplished or what you stand for, but the way you present yourself can either draw them near so they can get to know you more, or might just drive them away.  That is why, we should always make the conscious effort to take care of ourselves and make sure that we put our best foot forward every-time. 

     I have started a series of posts tagged as "GUY STUFF" dedicated to all my male readers who, like me, are passionate enough to become the best of who they can be.  I'm not a style guru but I wanna share what I know to help out other guys like me.  We can learn from each other's experiences, right?  So, let's get it on!

How To Choose The Right Hairstyle
For Your Face Shape

     Choosing the right hairstyle is more difficult for men than for women.  Women have longer hair and can have the flexibility while men with our shorter hair can only do a few adjustments.  But overall, the correct cut and styling can enhance a person's facial features, even hide the flaws and just influence the overall image.

David Beckham is one of the few men I look up to when it comes to style.  This guy is awesome.

     Here's a research I made on the different face shapes and collated the recommendations on what hairstyle works best for each type.  In deciding which haircut is right, find out which face shape category you belong to and discuss with your stylist the options you have.  You then can decide on which hairstyle is fit for you which will highlight and compliment your features. 

Angels Brought Me Here

     They say music is the language of the soul.  It is a universal force that celebrates with our joy, laments with our sadness, calms our anger and sometimes, it gives us wisdom when we need it.  It's amazing how music can explain and relate to what we feel when nobody else can.  It is music which keeps us company when everything in this world seems most unbearable and when life feels just so hard to live.  Indeed -- music is life's gift to us all.

     The song 'Angels Brought Me Here' by Guy Sebastian was once someone's song for me.  Well, that was actually years ago.  I got attached to the song because it's just a wonderful feeling when someone tells you that you are an answer to their prayers -- that you are a miracle in their life.  Well, life isn't perfect and even the most beautiful relationship can crumble.  Even so, the past still holds beautiful memories and it deserves to be remembered even if it's just to learn and gain wisdom from it.

     Here's the video I made and I dedicate this to the person who told me once that I am her life's greatest miracle.  And perhaps, you can also dedicate this to someone whom you feel is life's miracle to you.  Enjoy!

Angels Brought Me Here
Artist:  Guy Sebastian
Album:  Just As I Am

Jeb's Hong Kong and Macau Look

     Hey guys, what's up?  This is my brother Jeb...

     My brother and I, we sort of influence each other's style.  And though we are a lot different in many ways, we somehow agree on what looks good on one another.  We share things from the clothes we wear to the accessories we use -- but even if we use each other's stuff, we still manage to put out our own individual personalities whenever we present ourselves to the world.

(L-R) Jeb and myself, year 2009, 2010 and 2011.

     Jeb was recently in Hong Kong and Macau for a short vacation.  Before his flight, he asked me to plan what he'll wear for the entire trip.  Truth is, for most of his important events, he usually turn to me to plan his wardrobe and he oftentimes agree to whatever I come up with.

     And so, let's check out what he wore during his vacation as well as some of the places he visited.

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