Why Choose the Right Shoes?

     Part of getting your look right is having the right shoes.  You can ruin a seriously fly style by wearing a beaten up pair of shoes.  You might be surprised at how many people will judge you on what you have on your feet.  Not that you mind what they say, but shouldn't you be mindful of what you wear?

Hip, Not Hipster

       Geek chic and scruffy look, revisited...

     Hipster can sometimes be a bit much, right?  It is a mish-mash of so many things that the eyes may not even know where to look at.  Hipster wear is cool though because it is all about geek chic, which many of us love.  Here are some tips on how to be hip with this kind of look.

David Beckham is known to constantly sport the geek chic look

►TIP:  The right way to accessorize any hipster outfit is with a pair of chunky glasses and a vintage laptop bag or satchel.  These things are perfect for the office but perhaps it’s best to tone down the clothes if you’re going to an important meeting! Yeah, it is possible to be hipster but still look professional.  All you gotta do is create a blend of smart and street that you can wear anywhere.

Accessorize!  That's the key  to the geek chic look

►TIP:  Slim jeans work very well with a fitted shirt or slogan t-shirt.  This kind of outfit will be perfect for any occasion, as you can make it look fashionably scruffy when you go out in the evening by adding some cool layers and accessories like a scarf, waistcoat or pair of trainers.

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