Movie Weekend with Hannah and Jeb

      Hey hey hey!  I hope everybody had a grand weekend! ☺

     Show Me Your Look Today will be featuring AJ this week but he just got back from his Palawan vacation and there will be new photos.  I might update his pictures before I post them.   Anyway, here are some shots from my movie weekend with Hannah and Jeb.

     That's me inside the mall while waiting for Hannah.   (She's queuing at a loading station.  She ran out of load and needed to text a friend).  Hannah got home from work around 2PM and we got to the nearest mall around 3PM.

Hannah: the "Crush ng Bayan"

     I was thinking who to feature next for Show Me Your Look Today and yesterday at dinner, it just struck me.  I need not look far -- my next subject is staring right at my face.  No it's not me you fool, it's my little sister -- Hannah.  ☺


     Although I've featured Hannah last July when she celebrated her birthday, I feel that it was not enough to show my readers her style.  

     Here's some more photos of Hannah...

     She can wear almost anything and look good in them.  I bet she can even wear your grandmother's clothes and she'd still look fine.☻

James: the boy-next-door

     Whoah, I can't believe "Show Me Your Look Today" is on it's 7th entry now...  Thanks a bunch to those who've visited and came back.  Today, let's meet yet another one of my good friends...

Stage Name:     JAMES MENDOZA

     James and I were on the same wave at a call center a few years back.  After we left the company, we still kept in touch along with our other nice friends through friendster and facebook.

     He is an AB Philosophy graduate from San Beda College and now pursuing his Masters in Business Administration.  James got into modeling since 2008, and got into TV, stage and film acting since 2009. 

Marie: chic girl

     Finally, I was able to convince her to say YES... and to send me pictures for Show Me Your Look Today

Nick Name:      MARIE/JHO

     Marie works for the fashion industry and was connected with clothing companies like Cinderella, Guess, Freego, and recently, f'g (freshgear) in the past.  Her job gives her the opportunity to 'rub elbows' with local celebs in the Philippines during photo shoots, fittings or fashion weeks.

     Here are some photos of Marie, in action...

     Here she is appearing at ABS-CBN's Umagang Kay Ganda early morning show sometime last year...

More of ME

       Hello again folks!

     I'm so grateful to the nice people who've viewed my blog.  SPECIAL THANK YOU to those who were nicer enough to leave their comments.  This blog is just starting and it needs all the support it can get.  Comments, suggestions, criticisms, and of course praises, ALL are welcome.  (Yeah, praises are needed too to motivate,☺).  As you know, this blog will not be entirely about me -- this blog site will be about the people who are assertive enough to show the world their sense of style.

     (By the way, just click on the pictures to view them in their original sizes).

    I will post some more pictures of myself because I was told by a good friend that I need to encourage participation.  Heck, I'm just a normal guy.  I put clothes on maybe to impress -- but more importantly, i put them on because I appreciate myself better if I look great in them.  And they are quite functional as well.  (Thankfully, there are people who appreciate me for who I am, despite and in-spite of what clothes I have on).

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