The Right Hairstyle To Hide Your Flaws (For Men)

     Here's another "GUY STUFF" feature dedicated to all my awesome male readers.  This is in fact just a continuation of "The Right Hairstyle For Your Face Shape" article which I wrote almost five months ago.  There were some important issues which weren't covered by that post that will be discussed on this one.

     And so gentlemen, better pay attention.  Here are some tips on what hair style to get that will minimize your flaws so you can look better -- or at least tone down your weak areas so they won't overpower your other great features.  I've put together some common problem categories (hair cut for receding hairline, big forehead, etc) and the most popular solutions I've learned from the experts all over the Internet and from magazines.  The post also contains some hair style to avoid so you can always look your best.

The Right Haircut For Men With Big Ears

     If you have big ears, not choosing the appropriate hairstyle might make your ears stick out more.  Surgery is maybe an option, but perhaps you can just get some smart haircut to hide your big ears.  Get a haircut with short, graduated layers with hair slightly covering at least 25% of your ears.  Leave the top of the ears covered so they will become less noticeable[1].

On picture:  Douglas Booth, Orlando Bloom
*They don't necessarily have prominent ears but the hairstyle they're sporting is perfect for men who have big ears.

The Right Haircut for Men with Big Ears

The Right Haircut For Men With Short, Thick Or No Necks

     To create an illusion of a longer neck, guys with short necks can opt for a haircut with a bit of spike on top[2].  Short styles that leave the neck exposed is the general idea for men with short or thick necks[3].  Ask your stylist to give you a tapered neck (see image further below) because it can make your short neck appear longer.  The sides should be clean too.  Bangs should be avoided as it will make the face even smaller, thus emphasize the short neck.

On picture:  Kellan Lutz, Nick Lachey
*Nothing wrong with their necks, but you can sport their hairstyle if you wanna camouflage your thick or short neck.

The Right Haircut For Men With Short, Thick Or No Necks

*Blocked nape for men with thin or long necks
*Tapered nape for men with shorter or thick necks.

The Right Haircut For Men With Long Necks

     For men with long necks, a textured crop with layers framing the face will draw attention away from the neck[2].  Your cut should be of medium length and thickness.  A slightly long hair with layers at the nape[2] is also good specially for those with wavy hair.  A fuller hair on the neck can minimize the appearance of a thin neck.  Also, a long neck can look better with a blocked nape (refer to the image above), as that can give the illusion of width[3].

On picture:  Shia Labeouf, Gaspard Ulliel 

The Right Haircut For Men With Long Necks


The Right Haircut For Men With Big Heads

     My mom said that people with big heads are really smart people.  I'm not sure if that's really true but if you have a big head, don't get a haircut that's too short because that can make the size of your head pop out even more.  Instead, get a haircut with the right amount of thickness to balance the shape of the head.  A larger, fuller style[4] or a close crop that's slightly spiky on top might just do the trick[2].

On picture:  Jack Black, Elijah Wood

The Right Haircut For Men With Big Heads

The Right Haircut For Men With Long Chins

     For guys with long chin, your hair shouldn't be too short.  Long hair should be avoided too as that can further emphasize the length of the face.  Opt for a medium length haircut which don't have too much volume on top.  A style with side part moving slightly forward[2] is recommended.  You can also tell your stylist, if it suits you, to make your sideburns longer[3].  Wearing a beard and mustache that's cropped short can also minimize a protruding chin.  Wearing your beard fuller at the sides and shorter at the chin can add width to the sides and make your face appear less long[5].

On picture:  Michael Phelps

The Right Haircut For Men With Weak Chins

     Chin length haircuts should be avoided because that will just emphasize your weak chin.  Curly or layered hair is advisable for guys with weak chin as the volume will redirect focus[6].  A long haircut is also suggested because that sort of lengthens the face[2] thus minimizing attention to your problem area.  You can also grow a beard, a goatee or a mustache to strengthen your weak chin and create a more symmetrical balance and length[7].  The length and style varies depending on your personality and your other facial features.

On picture:  Joshua Jackson, Seth Rogen

The Right Haircut For Men With Weak Chins

The Right Haircut For Men With Wide Foreheads

     For guys with wide forehead,  try having a hairstyle with mid-length side bangs, and you can grow your hair mid-length or longer[2].  Short, military haircuts should be avoided because that can further emphasize your prominent forehead.  Back in college, I used to wear my hair upwards, brushed up or when it was long enough, in a pony.  But since that accident which left a huge scar on my forehead (ala Harry Potter but without the curse of course), I've been wearing my haircut with bangs.  So whether you have a wide forehead or trying to hide a scar like me, you can wear your bangs in many ways.
  1. Long styles should be softly layered around the front.[8]
  2. Medium cut that's layered can soften the appearance of a wide forehead (shag, curly styles or retro cuts.[9]
  3. Short hairstyles with side-part bangs[10] can also do the trick.

On picture:  Diego Luna, Keith Urban

The Right Haircut For Men With Wide Foreheads

The Right Haircut For Men With Very High Or Receding Hairlines

     There are several hairstyle suited for men with very high hairlines:  traditional crew cut, buzz cut, flat top, and Caesar[11].  Men with very high hairlines can have their hair cut in layers.  Ask your stylist to start with a shortcut on the sides and back, layering into a longer length at the top[11].

On picture:  Channing Tatum, Jason Statham
*Channing's forehead is just right but his crew cut is also ideal for men with high hairlines.  Jason Statham is known to have constantly sported the buzz cut hairstyle.

The Right Haircut For Men With Very High Or Receding Hairlines

On picture:  George Clooney, Ed Westwick
*Caesar cut is inspired by Roman Emperor Julius Caesar and is said to have been made famous by George Clooney.  Caesar cut is a stylish way to conceal a receding hairline and a thinning top, where the bangs are cut with a horizontal fringe and styled forward[12].

The Right Haircut For Men With Very High Or Receding Hairlines

     If you're a bit adventurous, you can try spiky and the faux hawk.  Faux hawk hairstyle is short on the sides with a strip of longer hair in the center at the top.  Faux hawk is perfect for men with receding temples.

On picture:  Sting, Jude Law

The Right Haircut For Men With Very High Or Receding Hairlines

     If your hairline have receded, rule of thumb is get a short hair cut.  Short hair can minimize the appearance of balding and can give you the appearance of volume, thus you seem to have more hair[12].  If the baldness is severe, you can shave it all off.  Specially if your head is nicely shaped, a shaved head will definitely look good.  If that's too much, just opt for a close hair cut, making sure that the hair's density and thickness is the same on all areas of the head[2].  If you aren’t ready to have a short hair cut and just starting to thin, you can go for some light, shaggy layers.  Tell your stylist to cut the top of your hair in uneven layers.  When styling, just sort of tussle your hair around to give you a sort of disheveled look that hides your thinning hair[12].

     Your hairstyle can help you balance your physical features to draw less attention on your weak areas.  Although your stylist or barber are aware of these things, it wouldn't hurt for you to learn about them so you can help decide the style which can bring out the best in you.  If you smartly choose your haircut, you can make your flaws less noticeable and you can strut your stuff with even more confidence.

     Hope you guys learned something from this post.  Talk to me on the comments' section below.  See ya!

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Hey Nextel, you can combine the suggestions for all three problem areas. Since you have a short neck, have a tapered nape. Choose a haircut with short graduated layers to cover part of you ears and your forehead. I hope your hair is long enough to accommodate the suggestions. Consult with your stylist, just tell him what you've learned from here so he can decide what will look best on you.

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