(FUCK) LOVE -- A Poem

     Madam President might've told me one time that poems are like biographies of some sort.  They mirror one's feelings and life's story.  I should believe her, she's an authority on that area having taught Literature for so many years and having written many books and pieces on the topic.  Anyway, I still argued that it's not entirely true and there are a few exceptions.  Just like now, I have written this poem out of spite. Or maybe out of depression.  Whatever.  Haha! Here it is!


Love is the most complex of all nouns
It's the truth that tells of many lies
It's the joy that causes pain
The sun when you wanted most, the rain

Love is the most complex of all verbs
To love is to die a thousand death
To think when all you need is to feel
To wound when all you want is to heal

Love is the most complex figure of speech
How ironic are its metaphors and similes
Its paradox are such an understatement!
Its thoughts and meanings are bent

Love is the most complex of all words
It can mean the ocean, the skies, the trees
It is solitude, contentment and peace
Sadly, it is also fear, our pain and tears

Love is the reality that never exists
It's that dream which won't come true
It's the light which got lost in the dark
It's the winding road that has no stop

My heart sored with wounds, eyes dried of tears
My sorry would have lost its meaning
Fuck love -- i say, but for sure you know
My fragile heart just won't let you go

Written  :  February 27, 2011 / 11PM
Posted   :  February 28, 2011 / 02AM
tags: poetry on the pains of love, poem on unrequited love, poem on being heartbroken


me said...

I was trying to while my time as my hypothalamus has already dried up after completing my series and before heading to start on another series. Until I decided to while my time creatively by revisiting your blog. Well, its' been a loooooooong while...

A few things here now:

1. Congrats! You're back! As in, you're really back! (Fuck) Love as you may, it's still a creative work. I can't produce not even a quarter of what you have written here. :))

2. I will have to agree with Madam President here. Whether out of spite, out of depression, out of sheer boredom or out of sheer honesty (or mockery), it is still a reflection of your state of mind. Not necessarily always positive, but still it may count as a state of mind. :))

3. Do write some more. You have always been such a creative genius. More would benefit fro your talents. :))

4. I know very little of you. But from that short glimpse of how I have come to know you, I believe in my simple knowledge that this one speaks of you >>> Fuck love -- i say, but for sure you know My fragile heart just won't let you go.

5. I have written one word too many here. Just one last. I hope you still know me by the time your talents have become exposed to the world. :(

Congrats. You (Fuck) Love as you say, I do, labeeeet! :))

Vhincci Subia said...

hi there @yourkindofguy :)this has been @callmevhincci visiting your blog few weeks ago and now seeing again some great stuff here... :)

Nice poem... ang lalim ng pnaghuhugutan ah...

thought_folly said...

*sharing with you what i wrote a few months back in my humble blogsite*

“Where does an unbridled love go?
Does it go unnoticed like a soft wind whispering?
Or it moves like a strong earthquake?
Maybe, it simply rests its weary owner’s heart
In the eye of the storm—calmness and serenity

Axl Powerhouse Production Inc, said...

ooh ang ganda ng beach... emo much sa love ha :D

Anonymous said...

in fairness, pwede, haha

English tips said...

Thank you for sharing a beautiful poem, Carlos from Brazil was here, landing for pleasure and desire a blessed day.

kimmy said...

hmmmm... why so bitter?

Bippi said...

I like your poem bro...

Gaia Eos said...

for me love is a wordless feeling...each of us face & live different level of love & has their own perception, experience & description of love...it can be a pleasant or unpleasant feeling...think this saying describe very well the need for this sentiment I hate to love but I love to hate...
have a fabulous weekend Micheal take care ^_^

Michael said...


me (1) - Wow, thankssss!!

First: Don't kill me with such humility, though I must say that I truly admire people who can be humble despite what they've achieved in life and still keep mum about it.

Second: You must not agree with Madam, I'm just brilliant, that is all. Wahahaha, kidding! And no, jokes aren't half meant all the time. LOL!

Third: Yep, will write some more. Will write whatever comes to mind. I may not be a 'creative genius' as you put it, that's just too much, but I do like writing.

Fourth: Oh I thought you already knew, remember the long e-mail on fb? Wehehe, truly appreciate the email though. Thankssssss!

Fifth: Oh come on! You definitely don't think that way about me. Hehehe!

Vhincci Subia (2) - Thanks bro! I'm not tweeting much lately, but will not forget to say HI to you whenever I'm on twitter. Thanks for reading my poem!

thought_folly (3) - I love that line you've written. Share some more!

Axl Powerhouse Production Inc. (4) - Thanks Axl. Thanks for the visit and God bless.

Richard Jaravata (5) - Thank you chard. ☺

English tips (6) - Thank you Carlos. Have a wonderful day!

kimmy (7) - You think so? LOL!

Bippi (8) - Thanks man! You're one of the few who liked it. Hehe.

Gaia Eos (9) - Hey Gaia! Yeah, we all have our own version and definition of love. Thanks for the visit!

Thank you guys for the comments! Hugs!

me said...

helow CJ,

First: Don't kill me with such humility. << Oh no, I don't. I just appreciate brilliant talent when I see one. :)

Second: I'm just brilliant, that is all. << Yeah, I think I will have to buy this line. What freebies do I get for agreeing with you? lol.

Third: I may not be a 'creative genius' as you put it, that's just too much, but I do like writing. << False humility here. To produce such brilliance can only come from a creative genius. I can't even imagine writing one close to it. :)

Fourth: ...remember the long e-mail on fb? Wehehe, truly appreciate the email though. Thankssssss! << Oh, I do. How can i forget? hahaha! You are most welcome. Now I will have to take back what I said previously. Now I truly believe I know you. Or we know each other well? :))

Fifth:I certainly think you will surely go places. But to not remember me? Maybe not! Kidding! And I mean it as a joke! LOL.

Finally: Congrats again. I would have rated it 5 stars as much as 5 times if your system would allow. :)

Myk said...

Awww... You'll find the right person that will change that mindset someday...

resistanCe said...

nice poem, the title makes me want to read more :D

Anonymous said...

Nice poem Mike! Gotta agree on the "maybe out of depression" line. I can only make poems when I'm down. Posted more poems on me blog. Ye might be interested. =)

Dina said...

Thank you Myke for your visit.. Good poem...Love is Accepting....Love is Appreciating.....Love is Wanting Another to Feel Good.....Love is the eternal truth in the history of mankind. And as God said .Love all
Have a wonderful weekend

Tips Trick said...

happy blogging :)

krizzyla said...

I remember the days when I was with your age (dump so inlove), those were the days that I likely most part of my life.


My smile for you. Visiting again , have a nice Sunday! Hugs Fotis. http://fotisbazakas.blogspot.com

rudi cisara said...

nice artikel

cityiklan said...
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Everything™ZM said...

nice blog, i like for blog !

Elle said...

(Fuck) Love

It's an adjective that depicts life at its most brilliant or its utmost stupidity, depending on which end of the stick you are :)

this poem is amazingly apt on all it's contradictions. i love it! -elle.r

Michael said...

Thank you so much guys for reading my humble poem. This is the first poem I've written this year.

me (11) - Madam, i think it makes you happy when I write sad poems. Haha! Which side are you on really???

myk (12) - Thanks bro. ☺

resistanCe (13) - Thank you, really appreciate your visit. ☺

mamaroach0026 (14) - Hello kababayan! Your poems are nice! I've read some of them. ☺

Dina (15) - Yes, I agree. Love is all that. Thank you. ☺

Tips Trick (16) - Happy blogging too! ☺

krizzyla (17) - Haha, I guess one day I will look back to this part of my life like you do now. I wonder how that'll be like... ☺

ΦΩΤΗΣ ΜΠΑΖΑΚΑΣ (18) - Thanks fotis! ☺

rudi cisara (19), cityiklan (20), Everything™ZM (21) - Thank you so much guys for the visit! ☺

Elle (22) - Thanks elle! Thanks for reading my poems and it was nice seeing you again!

Take care everyone!

Anonymous said...

Sydney is a hoe);

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