Myke's (Recent) Mis-Adventures Part 1

     Hey fellas!  It’s been more than a month since I got back here in Manila and just what have I been doing lately?  Mmm, not much really.  Let's just say I'm just having so much fun!  *insert mysterious smile here* Haha!

     This time, Show Me Your Look Today will just BORE you with my whereabouts.  So if you've got nothing better to do today, read on! ☺

Jeb's Palawan Adventure

     Palawan has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines.  Many of my friends have been to Palawan and they have nothing but wonderful stories about the place.  Jeb (with some of his friends in tow) visited Puerto Princesa in Palawan just last week (August 4-7, 2011) and have discovered for himself how wonderful Palawan truly is.

On his 3rd day, Jeb and his friends visited Palawan Crocodile Farm and Conservatory.

     Folks, this time, Show Me Your Look Today will become a travel blog. Nyahaha!  But hey, whatever we do, wherever we go, we should definitely sport a LOOK!  My blog is most certainly about looks, no matter what circumstance in life it is.

     Let's check out some of Jeb's vacation photos while he was enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of Palawan. 

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