Fitness and Health Talk

     Fitness and health probably tops the list of the toughest challenges many people, myself included, has to struggle with at one point or another.  In fact, I hear individuals constantly talk about fitness but has never gotten round to doing it.  There are those who started going to the gym, and then eventually lost interest because they lack the motivation or has become impatient for not seeing any result.  That's how tough it really is.  Well, for most of us at least.

The Times

     We are in an age of technological revolution and fitness is one to benefit from these advancements.  The Internet alone is rich in resources and contains plenty of effective weight loss tips that's within our reach in a click of a button.  The tougher task now is to finally decide when to start and why.

Fashion on the Streets!

     I've thought of this idea for awhile now but have not really mustered enough will to do it.  And so today, I formally launch a segment of my blog which I will call:  Fashion on the Streets!

     Aside from featuring close friends,  every now and then I will be also be publishing pictures of random people from random places.  The people I will feature are those who have impressed me with their style and personality at a glance.  I may find my subjects  while dining at a restaurant, walking on the street, while on the bus, at a gathering, or even while checking on my friends' status update on Facebook or Twitter.  In other words, it could be any of you guys.  Awesome, right?

     The goal of this segment is to get inspiration from the well-dressed but ordinary people who roam the streets of Manila and everywhere.  As I've said before, let's become an inspiration to one another.  We need to get inspiration from others as well as be the cause of inspiration.  The streets are filled with tons of fashion possibilities that can inspire us to define or re-define our own style.  

     A style that enhances one's personality, a style that's functional and truthful, comfortable yet edgy -- is definitely a style that's worthy to be published in my blog.  The clothes we should wear are those that does not only makes us look good but also feel good about ourselves.

     Of course I should be the one to start this segment with my own and most recent photo.  I can mostly be seen wearing plaid shirts and jeans, but tees are also an essential part of my wardrobe.  Style matched with comfort -- is always a good combination.  And nothing is more comfortable than cotton t-shirts and a pair of well-used, torn, good ol' jeans.

At Conti's in Serendra, while waiting for my order.  This is how random
a random photo's gonna be.  But hey NO,  I will not be harassing people
just to get their pictures.  I need willing victims.  LOL!
      So get ready to be spotted!

     By the way, if you feel that you have a recent photo than speaks a lot about your style and you feel can inspire people about their own, e-mail them to me at  Include a little story and that's about it. 

     I'm definitely looking forward to my first Fashion on the Street! feature.  See ya on my next post!
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Life is Beautiful!

Last Sunday (October 16, 2011) after having dinner at Conti's in Serendra
and on our way to Starbucks to get our dosage of caffeine, we saw these
really cool Christmas trees.

'Express' -- Your Style

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Express. All opinions are 100% mine.

     I'm far from being a fashion guru but one of the coolest advice that I'm bestowing from one male to another is that we guys should invest in the coolest suit we can possibly afford.  A suit that fits snugly and compliments our body type and personality is an investment that is always worth the effort.  And such is the Express investment. 

Dress To Express

How To Get The Scruffy Look

     The 'unshaven' or scruffy look has been around for ages and probably one of the most frequent look that I've been sporting for many years.  Oftentimes it's because I'm too lazy to shave, but many times because I feel that having hair on my face is like having clothes on -- i look better and I feel safer. Hah!

I have been sporting the scruffy look for as long as I can remember...

     Folks, this time Show Me Your Look Today will talk about the Scruffy Look.

Who qualifies for the scruffy look?

Useful Ideas!

      Hey guys!  Show Me Your Look Today is back for a quick word.  I'm on my way out but I thought that I needed to share this with you first.

Image taken from MangoOrange site.

      I was scouting the web earlier today looking for interesting ideas when I've stumbled upon this site called MangoOrange.  You see, I'm constantly on the lookout for ways on how I can further improve my site's contents and performance. is a good discovery for a budding blogger like me and to those who wants to start their own blog or site.

Why do I find the site useful?  Several reasons:

The DPWH Photoshop Fiasco

       Hey guys, what's up?

     After typhoon Pedring has brought havoc to the country this week, I guess everybody deserves to have a break.  What are your plans for the weekend?  Me, I plan to do absolutely nothing.  Aside from going to church tomorrow, I'll just probably be home all day.  Anyway, earlier today, Jeb and I went to Eastwood to try Somethin' Fishy's breakfast buffet.  We were in a bit of a hurry 'cause I woke up late (what's new? LOL!) so I just wore something comfortable.

     In my old and torn Levi's, comfortable slippers, plus my favorite white Armani shirt and Ray-Ban to block the sun -- I'm all set!  Yep, that and an empty stomach of course.  Haha!  Anyway, if you wanna check what Jeb and I ate at Somethin' Fishy, click here.

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