#OOTD Update

     It's fun to have a blog that nobody reads. I know this for a fact because my recent posts have very few pageviews -- and if they do have pageviews, most of them are mine, hah! Now I can write about anything and not be embarrassed at all. And since nobody reads my blog anymore, no fear posting some more of my photos now. ☺

     I've been busy with stuff and one of the things I do to avoid burn out is eat out with family. But with my dad's stroke last year, even dining out has lessened because now we're being careful of what we eat. Anyway, because I've become less occupied,  I've decided to visit restaurants in Legazpi City and the province of Albay (maybe in the future, Albay's neighboring places too) and feature them on my The Pinoy Wanderer blog. This is my way of helping out create awareness on the culinary destinations in my region. I ask recommendations from friends and see for myself if the restaurant deserves a spot on the list that I'm creating. At the moment, I'm starting to put up this list of worth-recommending restaurants in Legazpi City that offer eat-all-you-can dining option because buffets are the best way to indulge in food. How is that related with this blog? Simple, I'm no fashion icon but I will update you guys with how I look every time I go out on food trips. Oops, I meant to say, I will update myself (since nobody reads my blog anymore), haha! We can learn from each other, even from the mistakes we've committed, style included.

     With my brother in tow, we've already visited two restaurants in Legazpi City. If last year I was a bit fond of formal shirts (I pair it with jeans for a casual, care-free look), now I've returned to comfortable cotton tees, probably because of the weather. Here's what I had on when we visited Mr. Crab & Seafood Diner approximately 12 days ago. Click this LINK to read my review of that buffet experience at Mr. Crab.

Shirt by Hollister, vintage pants by Levi's, and shoes by New Balance.

     Then 6 days ago, my brother and I tried out Cosina de' Marina's buffet. Follow this LINK to read my review of our buffet experience at Cosina de' Marina.  And yep, here's a photo of me that day.

White shirt by Gap, polo shirt by H&M, pants by H&M, and my favorite shoes right now by New Balance.
     There you go, I'm done updating myself. If you happen to drop by this blog and you're not ME, I'm grateful. LOL! Have a great day!

Brands, Nordstrom, and Online Shopping

What Sort of Brand Do We Wear?

     Choosing a brand to wear is a tricky thing. Most of us go for the more expensive brands because they’re the ones that oftentimes meet our expectations. As we develop our style, we also learn to have refined taste on quality -- eventually, this will either make us respect (or disapprove) a particular name or brand, regardless of the price tag or popularity.

Nordstrom Inc.?

     Nordstrom is a perfect avenue for this ideal, helping people to “possess style — not just buy fashion” for more than 100 years since 1901. Nordstrom is, truth be told, one of my brother’s favorite stores when he was in the US, having visited several of Nordstrom’s stores including their first shop in Seattle. Carrying majority of the sensible brands (which my brother and I like) and offering customers special deals and discounts, Nordstrom has now reached a far wider audience through their online shops and partners. Perfect for many of us that have no access to a physical Nordstrom store. Besides, who doesn't realize the convenience of shopping online? And don’t forget Nordstrom coupons that can be used to avail of special discounts and deals on selected items -- awesome!

A Few Of My New Favorite Things

For lack of anything to write, I am writing this post. LOL!

     Anyway, let me introduce you guys to my new favorite pair of pants. It’s an H&M skinny jeans that my brother bought from an H&M store in Seattle. Goes well with cotton tees and formal shirts but still looking very casual.

H&M pants, $29.95

A few things when wearing skinny jeans:

Happy Independence Day Philippines!

     As we celebrate the country's independence and remember with pride how our heroes fought for this freedom, may we not forget to also celebrate and continue fighting for our own freedom and redemption.
       Let's all be free from the tyranny of other people's expectations, fight off loneliness and pessimism, and rebel against low self-esteem, insecurity and self-obsession. Let's rise up from poverty and helplessness, defend ourselves from vices and unhealthy lifestyle, take a stand against hate and manipulation. Let's not be slaves of money, power, and fame; break free from selfishness, greed, and envy; and to triumph over too much self-preservation and pride. We need to be free from these chains that are pulling us down so we can reach our fullest potential.

     As we march on to find our purpose and worth, may all our struggles give us wisdom, hope, and love -- because all of life is futile without them. I believe that we can truly stand up for something if we are strong from the core.

     Happy Independence Day Philippines!

*Thanks Google Philippines for the image!

All About #Selfie - Part 2

This post is the conclusion of All About Selfie - Part 1.

One of the best entries I've seen in the ongoing "Selfie Olympics" on Twitter.
I had it edited to show my face instead. LOL! Original image from HERE.

     Hey guys, what have you been up to since my last post? Let me guess, taking more selfies? Haha, cool. Anyway, hope you're not bothering your friends will all those selfies. Though we are well within our rights to take selfie photos as much as we want, this does not mean that we also have the right to annoy our friends. We should not irritate our friends with photos that look the same, on the same setting, wearing the same clothes, and shot at the same angle. That's annoying. An article from The Huffington Post reported a study conducted in the UK which found out that excessive photo sharing makes almost everyone like you less. There should be at least some ground rules when posting #selfie photos in our social media accounts.

     Here are some guidelines that I adhere to when posting my selfies and perhaps you can use them too:

All About #Selfie - Part 1

In my opinion, this is my best #selfie so far. LOL!

     #Selfie have been around for ages before we even know what to call it. Wikipedia mentions a certain Robert Cornelius, an American pioneer in photography, who took a photo of himself in 1839, thus producing the first known selfie in history.[1] Selfie photos just became more apparent with the advent of digital cameras and camera phones. The word selfie was first used in an Australian Internet forum (ABC Online) back in 2002 but it was in 2012 when the term truly became popular.[1]

In 1839, Robert Cornelius took the first known selfie in history.[1]

     Selfie, 2013's word of the year, have been defined by Oxford as "a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media site.[2]" What qualifies as a selfie are photos of yourself (by yourself or with others in it) that you took on your own by holding the camera to take a direct photograph or a photograph of your reflection in the mirror.

     Here are some of my favorite and most memorable selfie photos that I retrieved from old media cards and from the hard drive of my old desktop. Don't worry folks, I've chosen the best ones and they're not a lot too, haha!

My first acceptable selfie back in 2004 taken by my first camera phone, a Nokia 3650.
This photo became my favorite Friendster profile pic. LOL!

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