Why I've Been Away From Blogging For Most Of 2013

     Hey readers, what's up? Sorry, been away from blogging for sooo long. Here are some good reasons why I wasn't able to post any update since April this year:

Behind me on the photo is Daraga Church, one of the churches we've visited before my brother left for the US.
Daraga Church, an 18th century Baroque church, is located on top of a hill above the busy town of Daraga, Albay.

     First, I got busy with this little business that my brother and I started late last year. I wrote about it on a POST published January 21, 2013. Thanks a bunch to all our friends who appreciated the board shorts and recommended it to their friends. You guys are awesome!

Friend, Fashion, Photoshoot, and Intramuros

A New Friend

     Kevin Jeffrey Dorongon called me up a few weeks ago for a favor -- if I can publish photos from a shoot which he directed. Of course I said yes. Kev is a new friend and I say that my blogs will always have space for friends who are both nice and talented. ☺

No, that's not Kevin. LOL! That's Jho Ann Sotelo, one of the models for this
Classic-Gothic inspired photoshoot. Scroll down for more of the photos...

Fashion Concept

     Kev's tag line for his shoot was "Lost in Manila." When he was telling me about the concept, I imagined movement, outdoors and street style fashion. When I finally saw the output a few days ago, it was not what I expected but I was impressed nonetheless. The photos look great and the classic-gothic inspired theme in an old setting like Intramuros presented quite a statement. Kev further explained that he took inspiration from the Secret Garden ad of Dior in Versailles with intent to promote the rich history and heritage of Manila. Looking at the photos, I can say that Kev's work is a reflection of good taste and potential.

The Photoshoot

     Here are several of my personal picks from the shoot (click the image to view a larger version):

We Got Bored, We Started Designing Our Own Boardshorts

     That's it -- everything you need to know about this post is on the title, LOL!  And yes, the photos that you see on here are just some of our work. We have been designing and making board shorts for myself, my brother, and for some of our friends. If you're interested to get our services, read on.

One of our latest design which is part of the Summer 2013 Collection.

     I grew up with a mother who knows how to make her own clothes and a father, though carefree as he was, still looked good with his style. I'd like to think that their legacy, apart from genes and values in life, is the right judgment when it comes to what looks good and what doesn't.

A close up of one of our designs.  Our board shorts use the usual microfiber polyester fabric
that's quick drying, lightweight, soft to touch, and most importantly, comfortable to wear.

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