A Prelude to 'Dead Stars'

      Hey guys!  What's up?

Neriz Gabelo says: 'We all have that dead star.'
     I have another guest post coming up entitled 'Dead Stars' written by my good friend Neriz Cruz Gabelo.  I will not elaborate much on the content but it is about a love that never came to be.  As a background, here's Madam Neriz' edited e-mail telling me how she came up with the post.  Names and locations were intentionally erased to protect the identity of the personalities involved. 

     There’s a girl colleague who shared with me her love story about a guy who became her biggest love ever.  Theirs was not a defined relationship but in her heart of hearts, she knew that she secretly loved the guy.  They were in college when it happened and both went through the motion of undisclosed special liking for one another.  At any rate, neither took the courage to define what they had so they both went on with their lives.  Eventually, the guy left for the US and established his own career.  He got married there but sadly they divorced after some years.  My girl colleague didn’t marry or had any other serious relations after.  She didn’t attribute it to the guy though.

Stuff That Annoys Me

     Last year on my birthday, I had a guest post written by a good friend.  It was exceptionally overwhelming getting to know myself from another person's point of view.  And so, though it's been more than a month after my birthday, I want my most loyal friends (those who take the time to read my posts) to know some stuff about me that's from my own point of view.  

So, what can possibly annoy me?
One Important Thing About Me...

     I try limit my expression of negativity because I believe that when we speak of it, it gets stronger.  However, I don't deny the truth that when we face and treat negativity as our enemy, there's the bigger chance that we can defeat it.  I still express my dislike, but I try to talk about it in a positive light.  And so on this post, I will introduce few of the things that I find annoying, but only because I'm thankful to be in the company of people who are just the opposite of what I'm about to discuss. 

What I Do...

Add ME on Facebook!

      Hey everybody, how are you all doing today?

     It's been a busy weekend for me and I'm still trying to get my thoughts organized before I publish another post.  For the meantime, though it's absolutely not important, I'd like to let you know that I've made a new Facebook account specially reserved for new friends that I will meet through the Internet.  So, if you have Facebook and you would like us to be FRIENDS, don't hesitate to add me.


     You can do it several ways (make sure that your Facebook account is open!):

    54th GRAMMY Kicks Off

         The countdown to the 54th Annual Grammy Awards officially kicked off with the The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live! – Countdown to Music's Biggest Night last November 30, 2011 held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, aired thru the CBS Television network.

    The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards will take place live from
    Staples Center in Los Angeles on Feb. 12, 2012.
         Eligible for Grammy nominations are those recordings released from October 1, 2010 through September 30, 2011 and is in general distribution in the United States.  Every entry goes through a lengthy voting and verification process set by the academy and once eligible, they are placed in their proper categories.  The winner for every category is voted on by more than 11,000 members of the Grammy's voting body composed of professionals with creative or technical integrity.

         And so, here are the nominees as published on GRAMMY.com website.

    Adam Levine and American Music Awards 2011

         Adam Levine is one of the few celebrities I respect when it comes to style and music.  This guy and his buddies at Maroon 5 won as Favorite Duo or Group in the recently concluded American Music Awards.

    Adam combined navy and black in a no-tie look
    and he rocked it.  Photo taken from here.
    Here are the list of winners for the American Music Awards 2011

    Why Businesses Should Build A Website

         The business arena has benefited a lot from the advancements we have in today's technology.  As technology change, so is the way that we transact business.  Now, a large chunk of commerce is administered and conducted online.  This concept called Electronic Commerce or ECommerce has definitely changed the way we live and deal with our lives.

    Brands and businesses have websites that clients can visit 24/7.*
    The Reality

         Most people are now online and connected, and we are online at all hours of the day.  From our computers or phones, we can find and purchase stuff through the Internet without leaving the couch, our home, or the office -- and without disrupting the day's activity.  A ten minute travel time going to your workplace on a cab can be spent checking a vacation package on the Internet that your friend has mentioned to you.  While waiting for dinner, one can look for a possible gift through his phone for a mother's birthday that's coming up.  The stuff that we can do with ECommerce and the Internet -- the possibilities are just endless!  People would rather spend the freed time with family, friends and other stuff that matters.

    The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

         Somebody once said:  "I've never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful."  A smile is indeed so powerful it can change people's perception of you, as well as your perception and feeling about yourself and the world.  A cute smile (paired with excellent oral health) definitely makes us more confident and we just can't help but flash it brightly every-time.

         Like many of us, I'm not born with a perfect set of  teeth -- probably the reason why I grew up mostly frowning rather than smiling.  Hah!  On photos, I smile when the sun's up high or when I know the camera has strong flash.  The extra light make my smile look a bit more -- acceptable.  My parents were responsible enough to bring me to the dentist when I was a kid, but each trip to the dentist's chair proved to be an ordeal every-time.  I remember one instance gripping tightly to both my parents' hands and every dentist in the clinic helping out to calm me down (more like strap me down) because I was howling like a hound dog.  They couldn't keep me still while being injected with anesthesia -- as a result, my mouth tasted so bitter and felt overly numb after my tooth was pulled.  It was one of the baddest and scariest experience that made me less fond of dentists and anything associated with them.

    But those were the days...

         Dental Bliss, a leader in Nashville cosmetic dentistry, was established in 2002 with a promise to make dental experience without the scary stuff that many people, myself included, have experienced in the past.  Dr. Randy Garner, founder of Dental Bliss, was also a dental phobic and his bad memories of his dental adventures prompted him to re-create dental experience and make it better, and rather enjoyable and relaxing.  The vision of Dental Bliss is to make their guests happy by exceeding their expectations for dental treatment and to wow and spoil them like stars.  Their guiding philosophy is a guarantee that clients (and their pearly whites) are in good and caring hands.  With his passion and commitment and the help of modern technology, Dr. Garner and his dedicated team are truly changing people's lives one smile at a time. 

    What are the Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry?

    The New 7 Wonders of Nature

         When I woke up two hours ago and was scouting the web for interesting read, I stumbled upon this wonderful news and just thought that I'd like to share it with you guys.  Yep, a little out of line from my blog's theme but I remember asking for your support when I featured Jeb's visit to Palawan last August and he saw for himself how amazing Puerto Princesa's Underground River is.

         Today, November 11, 2011 GMT, Bernard Weber, founder and president of the New7Wonders announced the Provisional New 7 Wonders of Nature.

         Here's Mr. Weber's full speech which I transcribed from YouTube:

    I Am Blessed, I Am Grateful...

         I celebrate my birthday today with a thankful heart and a humbled spirit.  Words cannot fully illustrate my gratitude and to bespeak them will always be an understatement.  I live not a perfect life but I have made it my rule to always look at it with positivity and deal with circumstances with sincere optimism.  It doesn't make me complacent nor less vigilant, instead, I acknowledge imperfections for what they are.  And then I take the challenge without losing sight of what's truly important.

         We have things to learn from each moment of life and yes -- even from the darkest of hours.  To face it with optimism requires nothing less but courage and character, and at the end, for what we have lost, we also have gains.  We gain truth from the pain, strengths from the weaknesses, realizations from the shortcomings, maturity from the experiences, acceptance from defeat.

    Fitness and Health Talk

         Fitness and health probably tops the list of the toughest challenges many people, myself included, has to struggle with at one point or another.  In fact, I hear individuals constantly talk about fitness but has never gotten round to doing it.  There are those who started going to the gym, and then eventually lost interest because they lack the motivation or has become impatient for not seeing any result.  That's how tough it really is.  Well, for most of us at least.

    The Times

         We are in an age of technological revolution and fitness is one to benefit from these advancements.  The Internet alone is rich in resources and contains plenty of effective weight loss tips that's within our reach in a click of a button.  The tougher task now is to finally decide when to start and why.

    Fashion on the Streets!

         I've thought of this idea for awhile now but have not really mustered enough will to do it.  And so today, I formally launch a segment of my blog which I will call:  Fashion on the Streets!

         Aside from featuring close friends,  every now and then I will be also be publishing pictures of random people from random places.  The people I will feature are those who have impressed me with their style and personality at a glance.  I may find my subjects  while dining at a restaurant, walking on the street, while on the bus, at a gathering, or even while checking on my friends' status update on Facebook or Twitter.  In other words, it could be any of you guys.  Awesome, right?

         The goal of this segment is to get inspiration from the well-dressed but ordinary people who roam the streets of Manila and everywhere.  As I've said before, let's become an inspiration to one another.  We need to get inspiration from others as well as be the cause of inspiration.  The streets are filled with tons of fashion possibilities that can inspire us to define or re-define our own style.  

         A style that enhances one's personality, a style that's functional and truthful, comfortable yet edgy -- is definitely a style that's worthy to be published in my blog.  The clothes we should wear are those that does not only makes us look good but also feel good about ourselves.

         Of course I should be the one to start this segment with my own and most recent photo.  I can mostly be seen wearing plaid shirts and jeans, but tees are also an essential part of my wardrobe.  Style matched with comfort -- is always a good combination.  And nothing is more comfortable than cotton t-shirts and a pair of well-used, torn, good ol' jeans.

    At Conti's in Serendra, while waiting for my order.  This is how random
    a random photo's gonna be.  But hey NO,  I will not be harassing people
    just to get their pictures.  I need willing victims.  LOL!
          So get ready to be spotted!

         By the way, if you feel that you have a recent photo than speaks a lot about your style and you feel can inspire people about their own, e-mail them to me at yourlook2day@yahoo.com.  Include a little story and that's about it. 

         I'm definitely looking forward to my first Fashion on the Street! feature.  See ya on my next post!
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    Life is Beautiful!

    Last Sunday (October 16, 2011) after having dinner at Conti's in Serendra
    and on our way to Starbucks to get our dosage of caffeine, we saw these
    really cool Christmas trees.

    'Express' -- Your Style

    This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Express. All opinions are 100% mine.

         I'm far from being a fashion guru but one of the coolest advice that I'm bestowing from one male to another is that we guys should invest in the coolest suit we can possibly afford.  A suit that fits snugly and compliments our body type and personality is an investment that is always worth the effort.  And such is the Express investment. 

    Dress To Express

    How To Get The Scruffy Look

         The 'unshaven' or scruffy look has been around for ages and probably one of the most frequent look that I've been sporting for many years.  Oftentimes it's because I'm too lazy to shave, but many times because I feel that having hair on my face is like having clothes on -- i look better and I feel safer. Hah!

    I have been sporting the scruffy look for as long as I can remember...

         Folks, this time Show Me Your Look Today will talk about the Scruffy Look.

    Who qualifies for the scruffy look?

    Useful Ideas!

          Hey guys!  Show Me Your Look Today is back for a quick word.  I'm on my way out but I thought that I needed to share this with you first.

    Image taken from MangoOrange site.

          I was scouting the web earlier today looking for interesting ideas when I've stumbled upon this site called MangoOrange.  You see, I'm constantly on the lookout for ways on how I can further improve my site's contents and performance.  MangoOrange.com is a good discovery for a budding blogger like me and to those who wants to start their own blog or site.

    Why do I find the site useful?  Several reasons:

    The DPWH Photoshop Fiasco

           Hey guys, what's up?

         After typhoon Pedring has brought havoc to the country this week, I guess everybody deserves to have a break.  What are your plans for the weekend?  Me, I plan to do absolutely nothing.  Aside from going to church tomorrow, I'll just probably be home all day.  Anyway, earlier today, Jeb and I went to Eastwood to try Somethin' Fishy's breakfast buffet.  We were in a bit of a hurry 'cause I woke up late (what's new? LOL!) so I just wore something comfortable.

         In my old and torn Levi's, comfortable slippers, plus my favorite white Armani shirt and Ray-Ban to block the sun -- I'm all set!  Yep, that and an empty stomach of course.  Haha!  Anyway, if you wanna check what Jeb and I ate at Somethin' Fishy, click here.

    The 'Scentsy' Story

         I still have hangover from watching Game of Thrones Season 1 last weekend (in fact I still dream about it sometimes, LOL!) when I saw this really cool thing the other day.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

    The Shale Scentsy Warmer

    A little background:  This cool thing is one of the many stylish warmer designs from Scentsy, and is the safer alternative to burning scented candles or heating up scented oils.  The really nice thing about these products is that they use a low-watt bulb to slowly melt specially formulated wax (called Scentsy bar or Scentsy brick) to gradually release fragrance into the air.  Because the wax is gently warmed and not burned, it can hold more fragrance oil than traditional candles.  Better, safer and there are over 80 distinct Scentsy scents you can choose from to suit your mood, your home or the occasion.

    How To Be A GEEK Chic

         Gone were the days when being a geek is a major bummer.  Now, it is a fashion alternative for some of us wanting to have an edgy and unique look.  Being a nerd isn't boring anymore, it has become cool!

    Wasn't Superman a geek chic too?
         The family have been spotted sporting this look at one point or another.  Go check...

    (L-R) Jeb, Hannah and myself.  GEEKS!
          So, just what do you need to become a sleek geek?

    Have FUN and Get PAID To Blog!

         I became a blogger by accident.  Blogging was my brother's idea and I was just helping him put up a blog last year when the unbelievably crazy thing happened.  I became a BLOGGER!  Before I knew it, I was already putting up Show Me Your Look Today and was having so much fun writing about my own adventures.

          I initially tried to limit the blog to just showing off personal style, after-all, I mainly post photos of myself and my friends.  When I featured two of my closest friends two months after the blog has started and wrote about my insights on friendship, people noticed my writing and encouraged me to write even more.  And so, that's how this blog has evolved into what it is right NOW -- a fashion blog with character.  I am quite aware that blogging is a bit of a responsibility, that's why I make it my guiding principle to always write with honesty and sincerity for who knows whose lives I'm touching with my words. 

    Published September 5, 2010 and my 11th post.  I talked about friendship and the
    standards we defy to make friendship work.

         That being said, I can say that blogging is definitely one of the most rewarding hobbies to spend your spare time on.  It has even become a lifestyle for many and I know a few who has become rich (and famous) for just doing what they love doing -- and that is, to BLOG.  At this point, I wanna share something that I recently discovered.  Do you know that you can earn from blogging?  This is just one of the many merits of blogging:  you get to do what you like and be rewarded for doing it.  So, if you are blogger like me, I introduce you to Bucks2Blog.  Just what is it that you need to do so you can get paid to blog?  Here:

    Visit my Other Blog!

          Hey guys, I have another blog!  

         Show Me Your Look Today is somehow a fashion blog where I write about myself and people who are dear to me.  Although I do not limit the range of ideas that I can write about in this blog, I just feel that I need to put up another blog where I can share with you, my dear friends, everything there is about this life.  And so, last September 16, I've finished version 1 of my second blog. I call it:

     The Pinoy Wanderer "The five senses and everything in between."

         It is still under construction, ideas are still coming in.  I hope you guys can support it, the same way you've supported Show Me Your Look Today.

         Do visit it and you may do any or all of the following:
    • Leave a comment.
    • Suggest topics or just share your insights
    • Bookmark it (press CTRL+D)
    • Follow it.  You may use any account that's applicable: Google, Twitter, Yahoo or any account that's allowed.☺
    • Visit it again. 

         Please?  Haha!  Thanks!

         See ya on my next post.

    More of Marie, the CHIC girl

         Do you remember this girl?  Show Me Your Look Today featured her a year ago when this blog was just starting.  And now -- she's back!

         Yesterday, despite everyone's busy schedule, we had the chance to catch up on things.

         After her business with POEA, Marie went to visit her dentist in Makati before seeing us.  We arranged to meet somewhere in the middle, so we waited for her at Starbucks in Shangrila Mall, Edsa.  Jeb was already at the mall when I arrived (he got off from work at 2pm) while Hannah was still having lunch when I left the apartment.  Hannah followed an hour later after Marie arrived.

         My usual is green tea cream but Jeb said he wanted to try it so I had choco cream instead while Marie had mocha frap.  We got cakes and some toast coz we were a bit hungry but don't really wanted to eat.

          So...  let's see what's up with Marie.

    Myke's (Recent) Mis-Adventures Part 2

         Ready to be bored even more?  Show Me Your Look Today is back for the conclusion of my own mis-adventures.  Let's get it on!  ☺

    Me at Dads.  Read on to find out the whole story...

         Two weeks after I got back here in Manila, one of my really nice friends, Elle, texted to see what's up.  Do you know when she last checked on me? More than a year ago!  Haha!  Good thing I did not change my mobile number.  I've been using the same Smart number since my Globe was snatched back in 2005.  Was able to revive my Globe number twice, but eventually lost it -- twice too.  My mobile number now is actually my mom's which I borrowed and it got stucked since it's the number which I seem not to lose.  Going back, we arranged to meet on her rest day which was a Sunday.

    Myke's (Recent) Mis-Adventures Part 1

         Hey fellas!  It’s been more than a month since I got back here in Manila and just what have I been doing lately?  Mmm, not much really.  Let's just say I'm just having so much fun!  *insert mysterious smile here* Haha!

         This time, Show Me Your Look Today will just BORE you with my whereabouts.  So if you've got nothing better to do today, read on! ☺

    Jeb's Palawan Adventure

         Palawan has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines.  Many of my friends have been to Palawan and they have nothing but wonderful stories about the place.  Jeb (with some of his friends in tow) visited Puerto Princesa in Palawan just last week (August 4-7, 2011) and have discovered for himself how wonderful Palawan truly is.

    On his 3rd day, Jeb and his friends visited Palawan Crocodile Farm and Conservatory.

         Folks, this time, Show Me Your Look Today will become a travel blog. Nyahaha!  But hey, whatever we do, wherever we go, we should definitely sport a LOOK!  My blog is most certainly about looks, no matter what circumstance in life it is.

         Let's check out some of Jeb's vacation photos while he was enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of Palawan. 

    My poem got published in a textbook!

         Hey guys!  I'm BACK!

         Did anyone miss me? 

         To those wondering where I've been --  I went home to my province last March to celebrate my dad's birthday.  Mom said I should stay 'till Holy Week is over.  Then Mother's Day was approaching so I gotta be there too and  after that -- Father's Day.  And then, cousins having their vacation in the Philippines was also visiting.  March became April, April became May, May became June...  I was having so much fun until -- it's already July!

    Heartaches -- A Sad Poem

         I finished the first five verses within two hours.  Then for wanting to make a positive ending, got stucked on the first line on the 6th verse.  I stopped and went back to it 15 minutes ago.  (The time is 10:24 PM now, March 06, 2011)

         So here it is, another figment from my clouded imagination.  To those who are suspecting that I'm going through something, I can neither confirm nor deny that.  You can only speculate. Bwahahaha!

         Have a great day!  I hope someone can relate to this humble piece of work.  Take care!

    How can love bring too much pain
    When it's supposed to be a bliss
    Why is it a hollowed life
    An agony worse than death

    Each time I close my eyes
    I see just mem'ries of you
    Then my weary heart just cries
    How can love be so untrue

    The world is vivid with life
    But all I see are hues of gray
    Every soul is full of hope
    Still I'm lost in disarray

    Just move on, I tell myself
    Put a cogent happy face
    Force a smile or sound a laugh
    Hide the hurt thru all the haze

    Dear fate, please, I beg of you
    Lead my heart to someone's soul
    Who'll look at me with eyes of love
    And bring me pain no more

    To Him I pray, heal my heart
    Mend my broken self, make me whole
    So I can be a worthy man
    When the right one's at my door

    Post Script:  This blog is still about looks.  Whatever season of life we go through, we need to have a look.  So go be sad, be happy or whatever, and choose your wardrobe appropriately.  Sometimes, it's how we carry ourselves that helps us cope.  *wink*

    *This photo was taken at San Benon Hot Spring at the foot of Mt. Bulusan in Irosin, Sorsogon.

    Written  :  March 06, 2011 / 03AM
    Posted   :  March 06, 2011 / 10PM
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    (FUCK) LOVE -- A Poem

         Madam President might've told me one time that poems are like biographies of some sort.  They mirror one's feelings and life's story.  I should believe her, she's an authority on that area having taught Literature for so many years and having written many books and pieces on the topic.  Anyway, I still argued that it's not entirely true and there are a few exceptions.  Just like now, I have written this poem out of spite. Or maybe out of depression.  Whatever.  Haha! Here it is!


    Love is the most complex of all nouns
    It's the truth that tells of many lies
    It's the joy that causes pain
    The sun when you wanted most, the rain

    Love is the most complex of all verbs
    To love is to die a thousand death
    To think when all you need is to feel
    To wound when all you want is to heal

    Love is the most complex figure of speech
    How ironic are its metaphors and similes
    Its paradox are such an understatement!
    Its thoughts and meanings are bent

    Love is the most complex of all words
    It can mean the ocean, the skies, the trees
    It is solitude, contentment and peace
    Sadly, it is also fear, our pain and tears

    Love is the reality that never exists
    It's that dream which won't come true
    It's the light which got lost in the dark
    It's the winding road that has no stop

    My heart sored with wounds, eyes dried of tears
    My sorry would have lost its meaning
    Fuck love -- i say, but for sure you know
    My fragile heart just won't let you go

    Written  :  February 27, 2011 / 11PM
    Posted   :  February 28, 2011 / 02AM
    tags: poetry on the pains of love, poem on unrequited love, poem on being heartbroken

    Some thoughts on FRIENDSHIP

    Hey guys, I'm back!  Did you MISS ME?  I hope so! It's been weeks
    since I've last updated Show Me Your Look Today.  I've just been busy with life,
    what else is new?  Ha!  So -- CHEERS to my coming back!
    Let's drink iced tea to that.  (Photo below for proof, LOL!).

     We usually hang out Friday nights for some drink then Banchetto feast after...

    Anyway...  let me post some new pics and
    let's talk about something that all of us,
    at one time or another,
    have had trouble dealing with.

    So here are my thoughts on FRIENDSHIP...

    Home Away From Home

    Hey everybody!  Did anyone MISS ME while I was gone for the holidays?

         Actually, I wasn't really away.  I just took some time off from blogging to sort out some stuff in my life.  It's kinda none of your business and I ain't telling even if you ask me. *evil laugh*

         Anyway, I'M BACK.  But before I feature another friend, I'd like to post some photos of me, my bro and my sis taken during the holiday season.  Sadly, we spent our Christmas and New Year away from our parents... but there's NO stopping us from celebrating and feeling merry on this happiest time of the year.

    Here are some of our Christmas pictures...

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