Tribute to A Great Woman

     I wanna share with you this video that my brother and I made as tribute to a woman who, for most of her life, made sure that she lived not for herself but for other people.  Losing someone we love is never easy and remembering the beautiful memories makes it even harder.  What can we do to move on?  The lyrics of the song featured in this video somehow helped us express what our hearts long to say.  And if you're someone who have lost someone in the past, may you also find meaning and peace in this song like we did.

I'll See You Again
Artist:  Westlife
Album:  Where We Are

How Local Businesses Can Benefit from Internet Marketing

     The Internet has immensely changed the way people live as well as how they do business.  Also referred to as Internet Marketing, transacting business through the world wide web has made life and living a lot easier, definitely more productive, and certainly, most fun!

What is Internet Marketing?

     Wikipedia defines Internet Marketing as the promotion of products or services over the Internet.

54th GRAMMY Winners

     The 54th GRAMMY Awards Night is indeed "Music's Biggest Night" as the brightest music superstars were given recognition for their work, talent, and artistry.  It was a night of unforgettable performances, red carpet fashion, and refined culture.  It was also an evening of touching memories as everyone paid tribute to Whitney Houston's musical gifts and legacy that inspired people throughout the world.

The 54th Grammay Awards Night is Music's Biggest Night

     The 54th Grammy Awards officially kicked off last November 2011 with The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live! as the nominees for the different categories were announced.  And leading to the awards night on February 12, 2012, Grammy Live started with the red carpet arrivals at noon and a live stream of the Pre-Telecast Ceremony where GRAMMYs for nearly 70 categories were awarded.

How To Buy Fashionable Clothes For Your Man

     This is a guest post from intended for my women readers or for anyone who wants to style up their man.  Get some pointers, read on...

Get your man dressing on trend in stylish, in season clothes.


Behave like his partner

     The most crucial thing to remember when dressing your man is that he’s exactly that.  He’s your man.  He isn’t your son, your father or your brother, and as such you need to put some thought into what you’re buying him.  No offense intended if you’d put thought into buying for a father or brother, although I’d personally be inclined not to.  Before rebooting your partner’s style, it’s important that you factor in what he likes but more crucially what he looks good in.
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