Naya's Story

     Hello everyone!  Today i will feature my friend NAYA -- one of the few nice people I've met on twitter.  Naya is from Indonesia.

Nick name:      NAYA

     From our conversations on twitter, we've gotten to know each other a little better.  As a kid, she loved Japanese cartoons like Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon.  It inspired her to learn more about Japan, its culture and fashion.  She even chose to study the Japanese language in her literature class and says she enjoys it immensely.  Naya hopes to graduate soon.  (Goodluck Naya!)

     She said on her email:  "I think Japanese language is not that difficult and not that easy too, but if you seriously wanna learn it, they are always there to help you.  I wanna learn about their culture, and I like their music and fashion."

     Her friends call her Tayou (her Japanese name) because when she was little, she wrote Kotayou Miyami instead of Kotarou Minami (from Kamen Rider Black).  The name got stucked through the years...

Jeb's Birthday

     My brother Jeb celebrated his birthday a week ago and we thought it would be a good idea to pig out on the eat all you can buffet at Dad's.  Afterwards, we agreed it would be awesome to either go bowling or watch a movie.  We were full and we'd like to sit down so we opted for the movie instead.

     We had a hard time choosing between Toy Story and Inception.  We kinda liked Sorcerer's Apprentice too.  In the end, we watched Karate Kid since nobody wanted to give up his/her choice.  We were hungry again after the brain draining discussion about which movie to watch -- so we indulged ourselves with coke floats and fries.  LOL!  We just agreed to have a movie marathon on the next free weekend...  And we're gonna watch all three of them and maybe some more... whew!

     Here are some shots taken at the mall and inside the movie house...

     That's me. I like wearing comfy shorts and some nice shirt...  I'm actually just wearing slippers that day. Please don't mind the goatee, I shave once a week and let it grow evenly on my face on areas where I want them... except that week, i got so busy that I hadn't had the time to take care of stuff...

Hannah's Birthday

     I share an apartment with my bro Jeb and our little sister Hannah.... We all work far from home so we needed a place that's both comfortable and convenient for all of us. We are young professionals so as much as possible, we need to be smart asses about our expenses.

     We hang out if we have spare time or if our days off work are the same. We go watch movies that people are recently raving about, or have our favorite fraps (mine's java chips) at Starbucks or  indulge ourselves in those yummy pizza and pasta at Yellow Cab or Sbarro -- pizza time would be my favorite activity.

     We went out last week and watched Eclipse, it was also Hannah's birthday movie treat... It's been something we've been meaning to do and it was long overdue.  (Did i just rhyme on that last line? ☺)

     I did not enjoy the movie much... but i tried really hard to like it!

     Anyway, here are some pictures taken that day...

She's trying to decide which team she'll side on...


     FINALLY, today (Monday, July 26, 2010) i have launched my blog site...

     I feel that I have so much to say, but whenever i start typing... my mind just goes blank. Does that happen to you too? Tell me about it, yaix... ☺

     Anyway, my friends and I have been reading blogs that tell stuff about fashion and how to look good -- and at times, that's where we get our ideas on how we polish up ourselves on days that we feel like getting up and just wanting to look awesome.

     It doesn't matter where you come from -- the desire and the passion to look nice for yourself or for others is such a universal idea. So -- although this might seem like trying to jump in to the band wagon but -- honestly -- because I've been inspired by people (how ordinary and extra-ordinary they may be) I'd like to start my own blog site too!

     From today and onwards, I'll be posting pictures of myself and my friends on how we look that particular day -- and maybe a little story on how our day went. I believe that sometimes our moods and behavior are affected by how we look and, believe it or not, I think I'm nicest at times when i feel I just look so fly.

     I will try to post as often as I could -- but of course there will be busy days because of work and other stuff... so maybe, you'll miss me on those days. I hope you will, LOL.

     So, to formally start this blog I wanna introduce myself.  HELLO... this is ME. Pleasure to meet YOU. Thanks for reading my first ever blog (still can't believe I've written an entire paragraph! wheww!). Hope you will visit this blog more often as I post more pictures of me and my friends, and I write about my thoughts and ideas,tell you of my adventures -- and if you are feeling fly yourself, you can send me your pictures too so we can show the world how you looked like today.

This is my email:
and please follow me on twitter

     Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section below and let me know what you think.  My contact details are on the right side of the screen.  Hope to hear from you soon!
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