Heartaches -- A Sad Poem

     I finished the first five verses within two hours.  Then for wanting to make a positive ending, got stucked on the first line on the 6th verse.  I stopped and went back to it 15 minutes ago.  (The time is 10:24 PM now, March 06, 2011)

     So here it is, another figment from my clouded imagination.  To those who are suspecting that I'm going through something, I can neither confirm nor deny that.  You can only speculate. Bwahahaha!

     Have a great day!  I hope someone can relate to this humble piece of work.  Take care!

How can love bring too much pain
When it's supposed to be a bliss
Why is it a hollowed life
An agony worse than death

Each time I close my eyes
I see just mem'ries of you
Then my weary heart just cries
How can love be so untrue

The world is vivid with life
But all I see are hues of gray
Every soul is full of hope
Still I'm lost in disarray

Just move on, I tell myself
Put a cogent happy face
Force a smile or sound a laugh
Hide the hurt thru all the haze

Dear fate, please, I beg of you
Lead my heart to someone's soul
Who'll look at me with eyes of love
And bring me pain no more

To Him I pray, heal my heart
Mend my broken self, make me whole
So I can be a worthy man
When the right one's at my door

Post Script:  This blog is still about looks.  Whatever season of life we go through, we need to have a look.  So go be sad, be happy or whatever, and choose your wardrobe appropriately.  Sometimes, it's how we carry ourselves that helps us cope.  *wink*

*This photo was taken at San Benon Hot Spring at the foot of Mt. Bulusan in Irosin, Sorsogon.

Written  :  March 06, 2011 / 03AM
Posted   :  March 06, 2011 / 10PM
tags: poetry about heartaches and letting go, poem about the pains of love
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