Happy Independence Day Philippines!

     As we celebrate the country's independence and remember with pride how our heroes fought for this freedom, may we not forget to also celebrate and continue fighting for our own freedom and redemption.
       Let's all be free from the tyranny of other people's expectations, fight off loneliness and pessimism, and rebel against low self-esteem, insecurity and self-obsession. Let's rise up from poverty and helplessness, defend ourselves from vices and unhealthy lifestyle, take a stand against hate and manipulation. Let's not be slaves of money, power, and fame; break free from selfishness, greed, and envy; and to triumph over too much self-preservation and pride. We need to be free from these chains that are pulling us down so we can reach our fullest potential.

     As we march on to find our purpose and worth, may all our struggles give us wisdom, hope, and love -- because all of life is futile without them. I believe that we can truly stand up for something if we are strong from the core.

     Happy Independence Day Philippines!

*Thanks Google Philippines for the image!

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