(FUCK) LOVE -- A Poem

     Madam President might've told me one time that poems are like biographies of some sort.  They mirror one's feelings and life's story.  I should believe her, she's an authority on that area having taught Literature for so many years and having written many books and pieces on the topic.  Anyway, I still argued that it's not entirely true and there are a few exceptions.  Just like now, I have written this poem out of spite. Or maybe out of depression.  Whatever.  Haha! Here it is!


Love is the most complex of all nouns
It's the truth that tells of many lies
It's the joy that causes pain
The sun when you wanted most, the rain

Love is the most complex of all verbs
To love is to die a thousand death
To think when all you need is to feel
To wound when all you want is to heal

Love is the most complex figure of speech
How ironic are its metaphors and similes
Its paradox are such an understatement!
Its thoughts and meanings are bent

Love is the most complex of all words
It can mean the ocean, the skies, the trees
It is solitude, contentment and peace
Sadly, it is also fear, our pain and tears

Love is the reality that never exists
It's that dream which won't come true
It's the light which got lost in the dark
It's the winding road that has no stop

My heart sored with wounds, eyes dried of tears
My sorry would have lost its meaning
Fuck love -- i say, but for sure you know
My fragile heart just won't let you go

Written  :  February 27, 2011 / 11PM
Posted   :  February 28, 2011 / 02AM
tags: poetry on the pains of love, poem on unrequited love, poem on being heartbroken

Some thoughts on FRIENDSHIP

Hey guys, I'm back!  Did you MISS ME?  I hope so! It's been weeks
since I've last updated Show Me Your Look Today.  I've just been busy with life,
what else is new?  Ha!  So -- CHEERS to my coming back!
Let's drink iced tea to that.  (Photo below for proof, LOL!).

 We usually hang out Friday nights for some drink then Banchetto feast after...

Anyway...  let me post some new pics and
let's talk about something that all of us,
at one time or another,
have had trouble dealing with.

So here are my thoughts on FRIENDSHIP...

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