Adam Levine and American Music Awards 2011

     Adam Levine is one of the few celebrities I respect when it comes to style and music.  This guy and his buddies at Maroon 5 won as Favorite Duo or Group in the recently concluded American Music Awards.

Adam combined navy and black in a no-tie look
and he rocked it.  Photo taken from here.
Here are the list of winners for the American Music Awards 2011

Why Businesses Should Build A Website

     The business arena has benefited a lot from the advancements we have in today's technology.  As technology change, so is the way that we transact business.  Now, a large chunk of commerce is administered and conducted online.  This concept called Electronic Commerce or ECommerce has definitely changed the way we live and deal with our lives.

Brands and businesses have websites that clients can visit 24/7.*
The Reality

     Most people are now online and connected, and we are online at all hours of the day.  From our computers or phones, we can find and purchase stuff through the Internet without leaving the couch, our home, or the office -- and without disrupting the day's activity.  A ten minute travel time going to your workplace on a cab can be spent checking a vacation package on the Internet that your friend has mentioned to you.  While waiting for dinner, one can look for a possible gift through his phone for a mother's birthday that's coming up.  The stuff that we can do with ECommerce and the Internet -- the possibilities are just endless!  People would rather spend the freed time with family, friends and other stuff that matters.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

     Somebody once said:  "I've never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful."  A smile is indeed so powerful it can change people's perception of you, as well as your perception and feeling about yourself and the world.  A cute smile (paired with excellent oral health) definitely makes us more confident and we just can't help but flash it brightly every-time.

     Like many of us, I'm not born with a perfect set of  teeth -- probably the reason why I grew up mostly frowning rather than smiling.  Hah!  On photos, I smile when the sun's up high or when I know the camera has strong flash.  The extra light make my smile look a bit more -- acceptable.  My parents were responsible enough to bring me to the dentist when I was a kid, but each trip to the dentist's chair proved to be an ordeal every-time.  I remember one instance gripping tightly to both my parents' hands and every dentist in the clinic helping out to calm me down (more like strap me down) because I was howling like a hound dog.  They couldn't keep me still while being injected with anesthesia -- as a result, my mouth tasted so bitter and felt overly numb after my tooth was pulled.  It was one of the baddest and scariest experience that made me less fond of dentists and anything associated with them.

But those were the days...

     Dental Bliss, a leader in Nashville cosmetic dentistry, was established in 2002 with a promise to make dental experience without the scary stuff that many people, myself included, have experienced in the past.  Dr. Randy Garner, founder of Dental Bliss, was also a dental phobic and his bad memories of his dental adventures prompted him to re-create dental experience and make it better, and rather enjoyable and relaxing.  The vision of Dental Bliss is to make their guests happy by exceeding their expectations for dental treatment and to wow and spoil them like stars.  Their guiding philosophy is a guarantee that clients (and their pearly whites) are in good and caring hands.  With his passion and commitment and the help of modern technology, Dr. Garner and his dedicated team are truly changing people's lives one smile at a time. 

What are the Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry?

The New 7 Wonders of Nature

     When I woke up two hours ago and was scouting the web for interesting read, I stumbled upon this wonderful news and just thought that I'd like to share it with you guys.  Yep, a little out of line from my blog's theme but I remember asking for your support when I featured Jeb's visit to Palawan last August and he saw for himself how amazing Puerto Princesa's Underground River is.

     Today, November 11, 2011 GMT, Bernard Weber, founder and president of the New7Wonders announced the Provisional New 7 Wonders of Nature.

     Here's Mr. Weber's full speech which I transcribed from YouTube:

I Am Blessed, I Am Grateful...

     I celebrate my birthday today with a thankful heart and a humbled spirit.  Words cannot fully illustrate my gratitude and to bespeak them will always be an understatement.  I live not a perfect life but I have made it my rule to always look at it with positivity and deal with circumstances with sincere optimism.  It doesn't make me complacent nor less vigilant, instead, I acknowledge imperfections for what they are.  And then I take the challenge without losing sight of what's truly important.

     We have things to learn from each moment of life and yes -- even from the darkest of hours.  To face it with optimism requires nothing less but courage and character, and at the end, for what we have lost, we also have gains.  We gain truth from the pain, strengths from the weaknesses, realizations from the shortcomings, maturity from the experiences, acceptance from defeat.

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