Jessa Herbal Beauty Soap (Bicol)

     It was September 2013 when my father suffered a major stroke. As the family was coping, my good friend Kevin sent some herbal medicines for my dad along with some bars of a certain herbal beauty soap. That’s how I was introduced to Jessa, an all natural carrot-papaya herbal beauty soap manufactured by REJANE Marketing and exclusively distributed in Luzon and Visayas by Living Way Projects Mercantile Corporation. More than a year later, when things are starting to be normal for my family, I inquired about the soap and have learned from Kevin that there’s more to Jessa than meets the eye.

Thanks Marflin for sharing your Jessa Herbal Beauty Soap experience with us. ☺


     First, let me tell you how Jessa is not just a beauty soap but also a health soap that’s good for the entire family. Here's the official content of our flyer:

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