Some of my fellow bloggers actually believe that I can blog and be good at it?  That's unbelievable!  Here are some of the awards I got from them:

My first award as a blogger from Leah given last September 28, 2010. 

Given to me by Kamila last October 01, 2010.

Awarded last October 28, 2010 by Kamila.

I got this award for the second time from Ria  on November 15, 2010.

     And Leah of I Am Super Leah gave me a really touching award: 

Thanks Ms. Leah!
From Ron of Ron Silvoza

Awarded by my Twitter friend Eunice of Perfect Afflatus.

Given by AJ, another Twitter friend, of Walking Tall in His Ways.

From Ms. RONA of  Women's Choice.

Thank you guys for the recognition. 


Anonymous said...

Awwww.. That's so sweet. You published a page just for this. Tats naman ako. Nyahaha!!! Anyway, you definitely deserve the award, Myke. I've been reading all of your entries since day1.. And still, I like reading them over and over again. Haha.. Andito ako lagi sa bahay mo, pero di nga lang ako nag-iiwan ng bakas minsan. This is memorable for me, too - my first ever award to give.. and you're one of my winners! Yay!! Congratulations, Myke.. Keep on blogging!!

So.... what did your parents say? ;))

Michael said...

Hey leah! They were so 'fraud' of me... LOL! I will definitely feature you here on my blog one of these days... With the rate that we're going... i think we are becoming good friends... hahahaha, prophetic?

Take care!

Anonymous said...

What?? Me?!? A feature!? In your blog??!!?

Hehe. I appreciate that, Michael.. But I don't think I'm "Show-Me-Your-Look-Today" feature material. I'm so "baduy", most of the time. Hehe.. I'm very much comfortable in shirts and pants. But of course, when there's a need to dress up, I could carry it off and look like a lady... I think.

But since we're becoming good friends (Naks!).. if you really do insist, well.. I guess I could send you some pictures.. And, yeah. "One of these days". That'd be the word.

Halong ka pirme, Myke.. Hope you'd always be there for me, when you know.. I need some "unsolicited" advice? Hehehe... Or some dough, perhaps? LOL.

Take care. Mmwwuuggzzz!!

Michael said...

Yes you LEAH, you! And thank you... I'll be looking forward to the day that I see you here and I can finally write about you.

And I promise that I will always be here for you... willingly sharing what I know about life. it's not something that I will insist upon you, you are the master of your soul, the leader of your band... but it wouldnt hurt to know the alternatives, right?

And the dough! SMH! LOLLL! Take care!

Kamila said...

michael alam mo? alam mo?

Nyahahaha. LOL!

I was way too serious dun sa bago kong post sa kamilkshake blog ko, tapos naisip ko i-refresh yung dashboard ko, and I was "wah? dame comment tig-iisang blog?"

Natawa naman ako kase ikaw pala yun at naliligaw ka na pala sa mga blog ko! Nawala tuloy pagka-seryoso ko.


Sorry! di kita na-inform kung saan hahanapin, kase i thought you wouldn't appreciate it! Kase nga lalake ka! Para kaseng pambabae yung design! Hehe.. pero SALAMAT na-apreciate mo!!!! :) sobrang deserve mo yan!!!

WAAAh! nakakatawa ka!

Michael said...

haha, HI kamila! thanks again for the award!

i had fun going through all your blogs just so i can get my award. don't worry, i really don't mind the exercise. LOL!

take care and God bless

rona said...

I'm so proud of that award na mega back link sa site ko. You're welcome! And hey! You're an excellent blogger that's why you deserve all this. Kaya wag Kang chumenes chenes jan, ok? Lol!

rona said...

Talagang bumalik ako dito at hinihintay ko ang comment mo. Anyway, you're welcome! And correction liquid, si KM ang bihasa sa bekspression series, kanyang kabaklaan yon. LOL. Nakikipagbekihan lang din ako.

Tara sa Starbucks! Uy, magmamadali yan. LOL!

Michael said...

Hello Ms. Rona! Thanks for the award! I think Excellent is too much, siguro ano lang, uhmmm, sige na nga. Payag na. Namilit ka eh, LOL!

Seriously, I'm having fun going to all your blogs and reading your posts. I guess that's the real award -- having friends and at the same time, learning.

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